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    Hello city,

    I've been growing one of my bag seeds for exactly a month and one day today and another for two weeks now. The one thats two weeks old isnt lookin so good :eek:. The past week my bottom leaves have been lookin yellow and droopy on both and i havent started feeding them yet, i assume that was the problem. so i heard that rain water was a good source of nitrogen and im filling up a huge rubbermaid tubaware in this tropical storm were having:wave:. But the one thats a month old is lookin quite nice ide say :p. i started them in miracle grow organic then i read about slow release ferts and decided to change. I got another type of organic soil with no time release ferts. yesterday i transplanted them the big one was in the pot the little one is in now and the smaller one was in a smaller pot, thought that a 5 gallon bucket would be good to finish in and i heard your not supposed to transplant more then once. I also bought miracle grow plant feed npk 24-8 16 for vegging and some Jobes Tomato fert npk 6-18-6 for flowering. I have a 45watt and 4, 23 watt flourecent Twisty bulbs :smoking:. im looking for any sggestions :confused: heres some pics i took today. ill keep you guys posted :D.

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    SUP SKY!! HEllO and WelcomE !!
    Exciting isn't it? lol....

    They aint looking half bad but a couple things that I might suggest...

    1) Do you have a fan in there?? If you don't, get one! cheap and effective, reason being it helps with hardening the main stem, helps with plant transpiration (breathing) and cools down temp.

    2) Im assume not a lot of heat build up cus look like you have enough space, but I also beat you could lower it if you had some sort of exhaust system (getting air out). You need some fresh air.

    3) Reason being you need to cool it down and get some air because A: If possible, I would move/rig light closer.... As long as you have 100watts a plant your cool, but more is definitely and obviously more beneficial. B: They need to breath.

    4) AND MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL!! The only real no-no I saw man is that there a big gap where the two boxes meet in that one picture, and you see the lights on from the outside?? Not only is it a security issue, stress such as interruption of dark photoperiod (you turn the lights on when the babies are sleeping) for prolonged period of times (more then one time, about month worth's = / )...

    Man, I hope you don't think im tring to be an ass but my first grow... I was really young, and it was just down right poorly done... lol im talking bout one 25w for this little seedling that stretched its heart out... till I had to dispose of him lol... I mean on a serious note... Johnny law cracks down that door, he doesn't give a damn whether the tree had bud or not... A germinated seed is still a count of cultivation.
  3. Thank you =) and yes i do have a fan in there blowing right on then to strengthen the stem and keep the temp cool. I check the very often so they get fresh air a lot. also they are both on the same lighting 20/4 so no interruption of the photoperiod. idk what boxes your talking about lol. write back and i don't think your being an ass. i wouldent have posted the thrread if i didnt want criticism it only helps. so ty again and what else is there that i could do?
    i waterd them with rain water because i thought they were nitrogen defficent cuz of the yellowing leafs.:D
  4. hes on about the cardboard, theres gaps in it.

    anyway dude the rule is 100watts for your first plant and 50watts per plants around it, people just usually say "100watts per plant!!1!1!11" because thats all they hear, honestly i dont like talking in watts because its lumens were looking at. 2000 - 2500 lumens per square foot of grow area is the general lighting required.
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    true ok i get what your talkin about but that gap is where the door opens so i can get to my plants lol. its in a closet so no light get in there when the lights are off and plus i put a towel under the door just in case. ok so lumens is what im really lookin for in my lighting. i will deffinatly be lookin for that now.

    im kinda scared for my big one because the bottom leafs are really yellowing kinda badly.
    heres some pics.

    kinda blurry sorry just not the best camera

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  6. If you have sec, read THIS, then THAT ...
    (yes... they are link :smoke: )

    Seems to me dude that it might be a combo of things?? I know your not root bound... and you might be right that it also maybe something to do with N. deficiency??

    The only thing I suggest is:

    -Check P; keep at 7.0
    -Moniter watering.


    What soil mix your using?
    Have you moved light closer?
    Whats the temp in there?
    Have you been using any ferts or Nutrient solutions?

    Keep me posted!
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    welp your links didnt work for me for some reason.
    i guess i have a few things i have to buy when i get my next check.

    ph tester
    temperature gauge
    and another fan

    because i have no way to tell temp but ik its low not too much heat its pretty open in there. also im in the works of building a new grow box its 4' tall 4' wide and 2' in depth im going to have a fan on top blowing air out and a fan on bottom blowing air in.
    and yes i moved the lights closer there at least 2" from the plants.
    heres a pic of the lights how they are now. and my little 2 week and two day old sick babby =/ . o ya no newts and only one type of fert on the bog one its in the picture above with the soil in it all its npk values are in the text above on my first post.

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    damn links... check out the folder called ... Sick plants something something in GC "mj growing" forum section ...

    Read the stickYs there ! very informative = )...

    Your well on your way!! im excited 4 u I think lol...
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    Well folks im back and i think im in better shape now.
    all i need is a damn ph tester but i guess i gotta order it online.
    i tottaly made a new grow box and its 10 times better now.
    i also got a temp gauge and wanted to see if everything is the way its supposed to be heres the pics and let me know what i need to do.

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  10. heres some more pics of the plants and the grow box.
    i think i really need to get some more ventilation but i just dont know how need to drop at least 7-10 degrees anyone have any suggestions i believe the humidity is ok.

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  11. SUP SKY!! :hello:

    I like how you have the fans facing up... Heat rise yadda yadda... a lot of people over look that.:smoke:

    The fan next to your pot... what about having the still facing up as you have them but directly on lights.... Because if temps rise anymore than85... You might see your'self gettin a better exhaust fan....

    UPPS! on you new SPOT for the POT !! Make that magic happen!!

    ... mean time... u can use those pill test bs that you get at home depot... Their like the paper test, but slightly more accurate.
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    thank you very much and what ive tried doing is putting a bucket of water right underneat the fan thats blowing the air up and i pointed it towards the lights here in a few mins im going to check the temp and c if thatll help. if it does ill just have to do a whole lot of refilling with the ice lol but shit its worth it. yeah i tried stepping it up. i hate having a shitty set up thought i might as well put time into it.
    i was debating on weather to get one of those ph testers yester but i thought they were shit so i didnt but i guess untill i get a good one ill use those and yeah i need the ph at 6.5-6.8
    but i still need to read up on exactly what to use to raise or lower it. o yeah and where exactly in the grow box should my temp gauge be i got it on top of the power strip now sitting up so when i open it its right there.
  13. heres some pics as it is right now.

    im thinking about switching the plants and the bulbs around and putting the big 45 watter right next to the fan so it blowing on it mainly and still the little ones. good idea?

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