New grower, sick plant.

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  1. Hello fellas

    I am a new grower and this is my indoor closet grow. I have a 600w platinum led light, two oscillating fans, growing medium is soil and the plant is currently on a solo cup. I water once a day and the plant is 3 weeks old. The problem I’m finding is very droopy leafs and the bottom ones are yellow (been told that’s normal though) the plant it self has not grown at all in the past 4-5 days and I’m starting to get worried, I believe this might be a temp issue or overwatering but I would like some input from you guys. The usual temp in the closet is around 80 degrees, I have a vaporizer that I run during the night time and it’s in the closet about 3 feet from the plant. Any help would be appreciated!

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  2. Get them in a Larger Pot :smiley-rolling-joint:
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  3. will do, thank you for the info brother.
  4. No Problem ;) Happy to help if i can!

    Best to leave the ties off for now. A 'sick' plant will not like any sort of stress.
    Giving water every day is too much as im sure your aware. Its likely due to a mix of rootbound and high temps, Once its in a larger pot the watering should be much more managable (3-5 days):ph34r: Goodluck! Keep us updated!
  5. Just transplanted, roots were indeed all the way down to the bottom of The solo cup.

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    Great to see a fellow grower take my advice and do it fast, thanks ! :)
    Im sure she will bounce back in a few days! Do you know the strain ?
  7. lime caboose by dutch girl seed Co
  8. Any Updates ? :thumbsup:
  9. i moved her down to my grow tent in the basement, temps down there are way cooler, the top leafs seem to be reacting a bit now to the light, bottom ones still droopy, but i think she's pulling thru!
  10. She is doing well now! Thank you guys so much for the help you have no idea how much I appreciate it.

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  11. Looking much better :thumbsup: Too much Nutes / Nitrogen at the moment (clawed tips) but with a couple of plain waterings with 10-20% run off she will be back on track :) By the looks of things that's a very hot soil - or have you have been using nutes ?
  12. I used nutes 2 feedings ago, last two feedings have been water, i was planning on doing the 2 2 1 feed cycle with nutes but im starting to think its a bad idea.
  13. I would not stick with a 'cycle' -- There are too many variables with genetics and a ton of other stuff..
    You have to try read the plant and feed when it looks hungry (or overfed) This will come with experiance.. With new soil you should be okay to use nothing but plain water for 2-4 weeks. Only once the plant is rootbound will it need feeding extra.
  14. thank you for the advice brother!
  15. Update

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