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  1. So, this will be my first foray into growing cannabis. I have grown cubensis mushrooms for years and am trying to make a shift into marijuana. I have been reading and watching videos endlessly for a few months now and have learned so much. Now it's time to temper that knowledge with experience. First of all, im from Southern PA. The summers are hot and humid. I will be growing outdoors so I tried to take that into account when I made my bean selection. I will be growing glookies, vanilla frosting, caramel cream, lsd, and triple cheese. I have holes dug that are around 3 to 4 feet by 3 to 4 feet in diameter and about 20 inches deep. My plan is to start the seeds the last week of April. I will grow them inside under a mars hydro on a 15/9 light schedule using happy frog with dynomyco in solo cups. I will plant them a quarter inch deep and lightly cover them with dirt. Then water and cover with a dome to keep humidity in and put it under the light. Gradually decrease humidity as the seedling stabilizes. Then I'll veg the seedlings till June 7th on that 15/9 schedule. June 7th they go to the holes. I'll mix ocean forest with 30 percent perlite, some insect frass and put soft rock phosphate around the bottom and outside edges of the hole so that by the time the roots make it there they can suck up all the phosphorus, also more dynomyco. I'll feed the mycorrhiza with molasses and sorghum syrup. I have gaia green 444 if necessary. I'm gonna top once. I also have lst clips I will be using. I also have gaia power bloom if needed. Water will be natural spring water from the mt. I'm gonna use wood chips as mulch to help water retention. There will be a fair amount of defoliation and I'm using Dr enzym for a foliar spray. Oh and I have bamboo and rope to hold them up when they get huge. I would love some feedback from u guys. Let me know what u think of my plan and give me some suggestions, I will very much appreciate it

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  2. Hi there! It sounds like you've put a lot of thought and effort into it. I think your plan looks solid.

    The main thing I can point out is your light schedule. Consider a 18/6 or 20/4 schedule for the veg stage, as more light will encourage more vigorous growth.
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  3. He probably chose 15/9 in order to more closely mimic outdoor light conditions as he plans to transplant them outside beginning of june. June and july are the only months with enough light to keep a plant in veg. As soon as they go below 14.5 hours of light in a day it's flower time.
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  4. Put them out side after June 15, you don't want to take chances of it reveging
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  5. I'm doing 15 and 9 because that's what the light cycle outside will be when I transplant them. If I do 18/6 and move them outside June 7th they will see that 3 hour light reduction as a big sign screaming flower so I am gonna keep them 15/9 to facilitate the transition from Inside under a light to outside under the sun
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  6. Exactly lol
  7. For real u think I should? I know what u mean cuz I'll fuck around and have them herming out. If u think it's erring on the side of caution I would rather lose a week outside then a bunch of plants herming. Also I got a few plants going rn just for taking clones to grow out outside and playing with it to get my feet wet
  8. Sounds like you have a well thought out plan, I wish you the best of luck
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  9. What do you have in your outdoor holes right now?
  10. Bigger rocks that I uncovered while digging said holes
  11. I checked the timing for my area( NY) you should be good with putting them out side on the 7 th
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  12. what do I know? I always plant as early as possible when outside (St Patricks day) to give them the most time in veg (march to july???) big plants take big time to grow imo. you get out of stuff what you put into it, you have that covered, don't do too much (easier said than done)
  13. You would have no problem putting them out mid april if the weather allows it, they most likely won't flower. I did this last year as well
  14. and miss out on 10 weeks of growth?
  15. From what I understand a plant will flower when light falls under 14.5 hours. Have u heard this
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  16. U put them outside in mid april in boston?
  17. Yup - Click me for more details
  18. outdoor flowering for me ends sept/october, when planted "early" . Why yours did not flower who knows but don't bum everyones head with the negative waves man. lol
  19. I'll do the same thing this year too...

    burn everyones head with negative waves? I don't follow.
  20. BUM everyones head, as in what a bummer. It's OLD fart english lol.

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