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  1. Hi, I'm new to growing and GC, and this is my first post, so go easy on me!

    I have 2 bag seeds growing in party cups and under a lamp that has aluminum foil all on the inside of the shade. Its an incandescent light bulb though, not a fluoro or hid... will this work to grow my seedlings till I get my true growbox finished and started?

    thank you!
  2. that light is no good in my opinion. the aluminum foil is no good either. glossy white paint is better. you got pics? you need to get that grow area ready. mj grows fast under the right conditions. usually the room needs to be ready before the seeds are. get busy blade and welcome to grasscity!
  3. Thanks man, I know... the light sucks hard haha
    But I should be going to get my fluoros today and getting my babies into their new home for good. Ill keep posting as things progress. Thanks for the reply, man!
  4. yup that guy is right, the bulb you have provides little to none of the specturms plants need to grow. Not saying it will not grow, it will just be stretched to shit and produce very little buds and hardely any of them.

    welcome to GC, lots of help to be had here! good luck fellow grower!!!!!
  5. I understand that it won't work forever haha I was just wondering for like a week or 2?
    The setup I'm going to have is gonna have 8 23(100w equal) 6500k fluoros bumpin for 18 hours a day. Will that be enough for say... 2-3 plants? Its like, 1600 lumen/bulb
  6. that should do it. have to keep the lights close 1-2inches. 8x1600 is 12800 lumens i think it should work.. will need lower temp bulbs for flower thow 2700k. could do a mix 6500k and 2700k. i veg my 1 plant under 4 14w t5 6500k and it grew about .5 inch a day. now in flower its under 2 14w 6500k 2 14w 2700k and 3 cfls 100w 2700k
  7. Get the flouros asap. I doubt they will live two weeks under a single incandescent.
  8. I'm procrastinating on the box due to money issues :/ here's some pics of the two plants. Do they look alright?
    I know the photos are blurrry. My phone sucks xD

    First plant, looks like its doin good...


    Second plant, idk seems stretched..


  9. Believe you be alright with 8 23 watters. I'm running 12 with two plants doing well nice buds started. As for ur incadescent bulb I would say lose it and fast:smoke:
  10. i also have 8 23 watters 6 2700k and 2 6500k cfls plus up the sides of my plant i have 2 5 foot double flouro fixtures pumping out 260 watts on either side of my bitch and she is frothing hard man.
  11. Any help with if my plants look okay right now?
    It seems like the two circular leaves are kinda dying :/ is that bad?
  12. cant tell you whats wrong with no info or pics =( help us out and we can help you
  13. I did post pics, on the first page thoujgh. Did they not go through?
  14. well what do they look like> yellowing from the outside in? from the inside out> tips dying? tips curling? up down? lots of different possibilities
  15. your plants look fine let them be. dont over water them and no nutes for the first 28 days :)
  16. Cool thanks! I got a fluoro 26w bulb in there instead of that stupid incan. Haha I hope they like their new light :) also, the plants are growing their 2nd set of ridged leaves. Seems good so far, ill keep you posted
  17. The first set of leaves, the tips are browning it looks like, what's up?
  18. the first set of leave will usually die. is there any other leaves yet?
  19. Yeah the first set of ridged leaves came in good, and now the second are pushing their way out. Ill have new pics tomorrow morning. Thanks for keepin in touch!
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    Alright! New update!
    Still just got 1 fluoro in a lamp socket and the 2 plantsw look like they are doing good. How long should it usually take for the veg stage to start? Here's some pictures

    It actually won't let me post pics from my phone(stupid app keeps crashing...)
    Ill post pics when it let's me haha

    Apparently they posted xD.

    1st pic is old, 2nd and 3rd are plant #2 and the rest are plant #1

    Lookin good?

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