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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by RedneckStoner82, Oct 25, 2017.

  1. Hello everyone, I am new to the forum my name is Gary. I have been smoking cannabis since I was 16 and im 35 now so you do the math lol.
    I have always wanted to try growing my own and have done a lot of research throughout my years of smoking but never really wanted to chance them getting seen and getting busted. well now its legal in Maine and I decided to try my hand at growing a couple. I grew AK and MOB but even the guy i got them off said he thought they were misslabled but they were still decent clones (whatever they were lol) so whatever they were I grew em. now I think they came out decent considering I neglected the crap out of them because growing season is a buysy season for work so a few times I forgot to water and came home and they were droopy but came right back after watering. I did get 777 soil in 25 gal felt pots and I used some granualar nutrients the local grow shop hooked me up with. I really didnt know how to prune the plants that great so I only pruned a little bit. now thats a little background on the plants. I hung the plants without trimming anything but a few things to get air into the middle and let them dry for about 8-9 days. them I trimmed everything when the stems were just snapping when bent and put the buds in a few mason jars and check often and take em out when getting too went and vice versa. for some reason im not getting a good smell to the buds, also i rolled a joint and not getting real good flavor out of it, I mean its good but not what I thought or hoped.It smoked nice and even and got me pretty stoned though. Am I doing something wrong? or is it just because of the neglect to the plants while growing?? but then again they have only been in jars for 5 days before i tried it.
  2. I pop tops daily for month and then weekly. Tag me and write back in a month.
    I have up to 4 years aged in the "Cellar"
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  3. will do thank you, I never knew you could keep it that long. would love to know how the 4 year stuff smells and tastes. whenever you pop one of those let me know how it is.
  4. I regularly smoke weed that is a year old.
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  5. Golden, oaky, buttery, dank. After a month or 2 the taste of the strain presents itself. After 3 years it is maxx deep. After four there is terpine loss and strain is not pronounced but the "scotch" or aged flavor is very nice.
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