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new grower question

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by gotexans, Jan 1, 2013.

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    ok what is the difference from organic growing making a balanced mix and then not adding nutes but just letting grow and using a soil mix and using fox farms liquid nutes. what would be a better grow qnd what are the perks of each ? im not sure if i should go organic or if thats even how organics works or if i should just go with the compost type mix and use the fox farms as my nutrient source. thanks for the help :)
  2. I've read hydro can go wrong a lot quicker. Soil can still go wrong, but over time, giving you a good chance to catch it. Optimal for beginners. Also, if you want to use fox farms you can use their ocean forest mix, and not have to add notes for up to a month. You may want to start your seedlings off with happy frog if you go this route. Idk, I've never grown, this is only what I've read.
  3. if you make your own soil mix your putting in the time, and time is money. Also you chance overdoing the nutes when you do it yourself, much easier imo to go buy a bag of Fox Farms Ocean Forest the 42L bag, then add a 18L bag of perlite and a cup or two of dolomite lime. As for nutes get an organic bloom nute and some unsulphered molasses and that is all youll ever need.

    Not sure which way would make a better grow, but i feel as a new grower keeping it simple would mean less mistakes, so going with the FFoF with extra perlite and dolomite is a good choice kinda like making something dummy proof. Having only one type of nute(blooming) also keeps it simple, you just use 1-2 tbsp of molasses every watering and in my case 2 tsp's of general hydroponics Florabloom every other watering during flowering.

    One minor detail about FFoF, it may be little hot(too much nutes) for young plants, so a seedling starter mix like FF Happy frog may be a good choice to mix with FFoF or to start your plants in then transplant to the ocean forest.

    Either way i love Fox Farms soil, it takes away the guess work of DIY soil mixes.
  4. Pro's
    -It's organic, has appeal.
    -Better tasting, stonger aromas.
    -No bottled nutrients, just water.

    -Can be exspensive to get all ingredients
    -Confusing/overwhelming for the beginner

    Those are the things I things that pop out to me. I'd start with bottled nutrients. Getting a basic idea for all nutrients the plants takes in, is important. I would go with a cheap lineup like Ffarm's, as you said. Study up in the organic section while on your first grow so your prepared

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