new grower plant budding lower leaves dying

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  1. My sugar leaves are dying off at a fast rate on two of my outdoor cannabis plants Ph is good it's summer here in Australia so they are getting heaps of light I use nitrosol thrive and seasol but for some reason the lower leaves are turning yellow and I've just noticed yellow spots on my leaves someone please help....will post pics when I work out how too do so (I'm using a phone)
  2. Fuck how do I post pics
  3. The plant is probably using all the stored nutrients in the leaf its completely normal. You got pics?
  4. Will get better pics later

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  5. Ok thanks, I sure hope so and I'll put more pics up later when there are no prying eyes lol
  6. More pics

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  7. Anyone please anymore opinions
  8. You can't fix those leaves. Leave them until they are completely yellow and just pluck them off.
    Yellowing of lower leaves is typical of over or underwatering.
  9. OK well I water every 3 days I live in sunny Queensland in Australia so maybe underwatering thanks for the reply btw : )

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