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  1. So I'm a new grower. Doing it in my closet as best as possible. Only really looking to grow one right now as I'm just learning and trying to understand. So far it's been about 5 days and here are the pictures of it. The stem was straight up and down but now curves a bit. What can I do to correct this or is this normal? Id assume not. Thanks! (If it dies Im not too worried but Id like to try and keep it alive and growing well) I've been watering it properly, temperature/humidity is proper too.

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    Watered it a bit and pulled my light back a bit so it wasn't too warm and it seems to be straightening out more. The stems probably an inch and a half long to 1.75. Should I transplant this now? I know you should do it when it has an established root system, but should I do it now?
  3. the curve is because its trying to find light, i wouldnt worry that much at all, i would advise bringing your lights within a few inches away from the plant. I cant give the best advice because i am new at growing myself but you should tell us more about your set up so we can better help you out. So far she looks good tho!

  4. no id wait a few weeks to transplant it. its only 5 days old lol id wait till its at least 3 weeks old
  5. Awesome man, thanks! Good to know. And yeah I was going to wait 2.5 weeks until I transplanted or until the roots were growing through my peat cup. And then transplant and start adding a small amount of nutrients. And just as an update, I just checked on it and it's as straight as a pencil again haha.

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