NEW grower NEW PLANT HELP!!! growers plz read

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Chef Boyardee, May 11, 2010.

  1. so i germinated like 20 chronic seeds under my bed and 9 of them sprouted tails after like 3 days...this is my first grow btw

    i went to meijer and bought some soil and i put the 9 seeds in small like 2 ounce cups. little paper cups. i have solo cups but they seemed too big for now..

    my question is..what do i do with them?!

    the 9 cups are siting on my window sill..should i leave them there?! idk im a noob lol
  2. also i just got generic potting soil and its pretty wet...

    any and all tips will be appreciated
  3. You really shouldn't play the game until you know the rules. Why didn't you ask this 3 days ago?

    You'll probably get massive stretching on the window sill, but they will grow. I suggest reading the first guide in my sig.
  4. ive read every guide 10 planning on putting them in my woods when they sprout...what about until then? and how long will that be?
  5. Well... since you've read all the guides :rolleyes:

    Read the grow journals then.
  6. Window sill isn't going to get you too far. Definitely read up a bit before attempting to grow anything else.

    If you want to grow inside, you WILL need lights. Compact Flourescent Lights (CFL's) are cheap, and work well.

    What kind of 'generic soil' did you buy? A good way to go is to use organic soil, and get your own nutrients. You can search these forums for tips on soil/nutes, but I use Fox Farm products that can be baught from your local hydroponic store along with organic soil.

    Your plant is a weed, so it can grow under harsh conditions, but if you are going to begin the long process of growing you might as well do it right.

    It's your first grow. You will learn as you go (grow). Ask specific questions for specific answers, and be sure to include details!

    Good luck!

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