New grower, Neep a few questions answerd about my grow

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by jdub911, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. Me and my buddy (summertime420) live in metro atlanta and are starting an outdoor grow. We germinated the seeds for about 2 days and they popped out a good little bit and got soil and pots ect. The first question i have is, should i start the seed in a whole with soil or should i use a pot to start. Secondly if i put it in a pot and bring it in at night and put it under my grown light and then in the morning take it outside for the day, would that be bad for it? I currenty have them under my grow light in pots untill they start off them im thinking about leaving them outdoors. What would be the best way to start them off. I am also consernd about the climate, is it to early to put them outdoors? What is a good climate for growing a decent crop. This is my first grow so im hoping for mids. Thanks
  2. what kinda light u got?

    it deffinatly wouldnt be a bad idea to keep them outside and bring them in under ur grow light for a while untill it gets warmer and ya id just transplant into bigger pots if neccesary and use a good soil mix when u transplant, id say do this untill late may and then just leave outside.....

    - u should detail ur grow plans a little more tho
  3. go the absolute beginner section and check out the stidcky on geermination it answers alll your ?'s
  4. seriously all it take is some reasearch how the fuck do you want us to help u if you cant help yourself

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