NEW GROWER! needs help

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Hazeum1, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. Hi all :) !!

    1st time grower here and i have run into some problems :(

    i have 2 plants currently growing 1 of the plants is fine slight drooping of leaves but i have learned this was from overwatering

    2nd plant seems to not be doing well at all Very droopy and am noticing some yellow spots beggining to emerge from the inner part of the plant


    1/2 MG potting mix 1/2 hydropon for both plants
    150 W HPS sun system
    desert bat guano fert

    Currently vegging

    plants are seperated and it is weird becase the one plant is doing rather well while the othe rone is just drooping and yellowing slightly i just recently Fed the drooping plant bat ferts and watered it alittle and am awaiting the morning to see any changes :(

    cannot provide pics at this time but maybe anyone can tell me common reasons why drooping/yellowing occurs?

    any help would greatly be appreciated


    PS. doing 24/0 lighting should i switch to 18/6? plant is about 8-9 inches away from light i measered and learned a trick to spotting if your plant is too close to the light putting my hand too se if the light is comfortable or if it burns and it seems right

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