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  1. I'm getting out of the army soon and plan on starting a small grow op.. i plan on growing HIGH QUALITY bud for personal use. I am going to purchase the following from HTG supply:
    1- 48"x48"X80" secret jardin grow tent (not from HTG)
    1- 600W HPS grow light w/ digital greenhouse dimmable ballast
    1- high yeild easycool reflector w/ 6" flange and hangers
    2-  inline duct fans (6" for cool air intake(250 cfm) & 4" for cooling the light (80 cfm)
    1- 6" to 4" reducers (to run 4" ducting from the 4" fan to the light)
    2- 2', 2 tube fluorescent PL 55 tek lights (supposed to put out 10,000 lumens each) with 2 grow (6400K) and 2 bloom (3000K) tubes, one of both on each fixture
    (I plan on placing these on opposing walls level with the plants for more light on the lower levels)
    1- 2' 4 lamp fluorescent PL 55 tek light for rooting clones and veggitation w/ 4 grow tubes (6400K) (supposed to put out 20,000 lumens)
    1- hydrofarm hot house for germination / cloning
    1- growbright 6" inline fan (424 cfm) and 26" tall boy filter w/ 6" flange (for exhaust)
    (I'm going to run the ducting under the house to avoid detection using FLIR)
    8' of 4" ducting
    25' of 6" ducting
    my grow medium:
    2 pts promix bx w/ mycorise
    1 pt worm castings
    1 pt perlite
    expanded clay pellets on bottom 1 1/2" to 2" and thin layer on top to stop soil displacement when watering
    earth juice (I read a few reviews where a few nutes were compared, earth juice won the most, plus its cheaper than advanced nutrients) quarts of:
    micro blast
    root solution
    other odds and ends:
    3" rockwool cubes (to germinate/clone in)
    1- dual outlet air pump (to aerate water) attatched to
    2- 4" round air stone disk in:
    1- 5 gal bucket
    2- 12" oscillating fans (one in far right corner & the other in near left)
    1- 8 outlet timed surge protecter (4 outlets timed)
    my questions:
    Is this overkill?
    Should i run exhaust/intake 24hrs or just during light?
    Am i forgetting anything or do i not need any of this?
    How many plants should i grow in this?
    Any advice?

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     I would forget the clay pellets otherwise it looks good to start. You may want a hygrometer for measuring temperature and relative humidity. I would grow 4 plants in that set up the first time. Oh and grow bags. 3 gallon.

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