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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Sgt_stoner91, May 22, 2013.

  1. I'm getting out of the army soon and plan on starting a small grow op.. i plan on growing HIGH QUALITY bud for personal use. I am going to purchase the following from HTG supply:
    1- 48"x48"X80" secret jardin grow tent (not from HTG)
    1- 600W HPS grow light w/ digital greenhouse dimmable ballast
    1- high yeild easycool reflector w/ 6" flange and hangers
    2-  inline duct fans (6" for cool air intake(250 cfm) & 4" for cooling the light (80 cfm)
    1- 6" to 4" reducers (to run 4" ducting from the 4" fan to the light)
    2- 2', 2 tube fluorescent PL 55 tek lights (supposed to put out 10,000 lumens each) with 2 grow (6400K) and 2 bloom (3000K) tubes, one of both on each fixture
    (I plan on placing these on opposing walls level with the plants for more light on the lower levels)
    1- 2' 4 lamp fluorescent PL 55 tek light for rooting clones and veggitation w/ 4 grow tubes (6400K) (supposed to put out 20,000 lumens)
    1- hydrofarm hot house for germination / cloning
    1- growbright 6" inline fan (424 cfm) and 26" tall boy filter w/ 6" flange (for exhaust)
    (I'm going to run the ducting under the house to avoid detection using FLIR)
    8' of 4" ducting
    25' of 6" ducting
    my grow medium:
    2 pts promix bx w/ mycorise
    1 pt worm castings
    1 pt perlite
    expanded clay pellets on bottom 1 1/2" to 2" and thin layer on top to stop soil displacement when watering
    earth juice (I read a few reviews where a few nutes were compared, earth juice won the most, plus its cheaper than advanced nutrients) quarts of:
    micro blast
    root solution
    other odds and ends:
    3" rockwool cubes (to germinate/clone in)
    1- dual outlet air pump (to aerate water) attatched to
    2- 4" round air stone disk in:
    1- 5 gal bucket
    2- 12" oscillating fans (one in far right corner & the other in near left)
    1- 8 outlet timed surge protecter (4 outlets timed)
    my questions:
    Is this overkill?
    Should i run exhaust/intake 24hrs or just during light?
    Am i forgetting anything or do i not need any of this?
    How many plants should i grow in this?
    Any advice?

  2. Overkill for you? perhaps it is, but you can never have too much bud :bongin:
    I run my exhaust 24/7 so it has  fresh supply of co2, the plants love it.
    I think you need more pots, i got smart pots from HTG supply, they supposedly help the airflow to the roots.
    How many plants you grow is up to you, depends what method you are going. You could do sog,scrog, or just let them grow.
  3. didnt see smart pots.. maybe youre talkin about phat sacks (fabric pots)? or maybe they dont have them online..
  4. Well welcome back to the civilian side.  One thing you are going to need a decent PH pen so you can test the run off. Tape to get the pin holes that might be in your tent your going to want it totally dark in there when lights are off. A temp and Humidity display.
  5. thanks, I'm not free quite yet lol, signing out on 4 july. gives a whole new meaning to independance day!! and thanks 4 the advice.
  6. [SUB]also, im planning to just let them grow, but use FIMing and LST.. How long should i veg? and whats every1s favorite strain? Best strain 4 newbies?[/SUB]
  7. If this is your very first grow i'd try with just bagseeds. I'm on my first grow one week into flowering 2 bagseeds and man it can be a pain lol but fun and rewarding. I only vegged for about a month I have a 4x2x5 tent so i have less space. haha and fuck yeah man July 4th is just around the corner. I got out like a year and half ago also did a year in afghan as a contractor when I got out.
  8. Yea I started with bag seeds till I felt I was ready for a more experienced grow. Now my bag seed is almost on its second month. I got out a few months ago myself. USMC 0311 rahhh

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