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  1. Hey all! So I need some help figuring out where I went wrong and how to correct it and avoid the same problem in the future. The biggest and busiest is the OG Kush. The second largest, and most yellowed is the older King's Kush. And the second King's Kush is in the big 2 gal. The last one seems to have taken off since I transplanted it and the roots had time to reach down into the SuperSoil on the bottom half of the pot.

    The bigger 2 plants are still in roots organic soil. They are about 35 days old. They saw lots of topping/FIM'ing and LST.

    I wasn't feeding any Cal/Mag and was using distilled water. Now I'm using tap water and a little cal/mag sometimes, always pH'd between 6 and 7. They've been feed a combination of AACT's and Botanicaire nutrients. The plan is to transplant into 2-3 gal pots with 50% supersoil for the final transplant.

    I'll attach a journal of all that they've been fed. I think I did too much. The second round of seedlings is doing much better than the first round already.

    Thanks in advance for any help/advice!

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    Here's the feeding schedule.

    I think I fed them too much and gave them too much at the beginning. They seem to do good whenever I back off of the nutes and foliars and things.

    The second round of plants all seem to be doing much better. Gave them some cal/mag early on and a super light dost of nutes at week 2-3. Even waiting that long for nutes - they started to yellow. So think i need to start feeding slightly earlier, and lighter.

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  3. It feeding too much too soon

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  4. Great! Thanks for the reply! That's what I was kinda hoping to hear lol. Definitely making improvements in moderation next run.

    Any other advice?
  5. Mid/lower leaves look nitrogen/potassium deficient; yellowing, burnt edges. Could be nutrient lockout if it's not underfed.
  6. That could definitely be it too! Wasn't ph"ing water until the last week, so hopefully correct pH along with lower nutes will help cure the problem.
  7. Do you also think they're ready for a transplant?

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