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    I already fucked up, I put the germinated seed in and THEN I watered it. Please don't mock me, this is trial and error. I started growing because I am quite poor and cannot afford to keep buying marijuana (not that I actually smoke that much). I'm using a 23w (yes I know it's pathetic) fluorescent bulb just to keep the seed/environment warm, and once (if I didn't kill it) will move up to a 60w. I may be able to use 2 60w, but I know, still pretty pathetic.

    I really want this to at least be alright and I thought I could ask you guys how to make this a meaningful first try. I have two other seeds, so if this one is male, at least I will be able to have a couple more tries. This planted seed is the only one that's germinated fully thus far, so it's the only one in a pot. I will use different pots for different plants. I know it's bad to water it and that won't happen any more until I see a sprout pop up. I buried about an inch or an inch and a half give or take from the surface. Just if it is of interest, it's Sour Diesel. Thanks in advance, and again please don't be harsh, it's been a rough day.

    (It wasn't a disaster after all! Read on to see my progress and the helpful answers of fellow Blades.)
  2. The light is about 3-4 inches from the plant, not that such puny watts will even probably make a difference
  3. They might make it. Wait to see if they poke through. Watering it in is not always a death sentence.
  4. How long should I wait? A week? Also, will my infinitesimally powered light make a difference? It's definitely giving off heat...

  5. he speaks the truth...

    with one of my seeds that germed it was like 3 days after i started and no luck... paper towel wasnt that moist so i added some water and it germed 2 days later... so u may not be fucked but u should def get the 60w pronto
  6. I would wait a week or more. Get more going the correct way as a back up. If the light is CFL it will work but, you won't need it until one pokes through.
  7. Alright, I now am rocking a 60w and a 23w, both fluorescent. so I don't have to use the lights? That's cool. Right as (if) the two remaining seedlings have those cute little sprouts, I will plant those, too. Except that time will definitely be water before. I had lights on the pot to dry it out (or so my theory goes) for a while, an hour of the 23w approximately, and holes in the bottom, which should help the seed not drown.

  8. would u suggest him just leaving it in the closet with a plastic bag covering it? thats what ive done when ive planted my seed and its worked but i have no idea if it helps or not
  9. I have a 26w, an 18w, and a 13w. I thought they were different, sorry. If all of these are running after a seed hopefully makes it, do you think this will be almost adequate, or is it really not possible.
  10. for the first 1-2 weeks that would be fine but if u could get a 60w or higher (im guessing like 12$ at home depot) and get rid of the 13 that would be fine for one plant throughou the entre thing, if ur only doing one plant
  11. I can probably manage that, I'm pretty definite about just doing one plant. Now time for another horrendously stupid question. My lamp says it should only have 60w or less used, will that be any different for a CFL (probably not, facepalm). Also, How long should I run these babies for (assuming I have a 60w, a 26w, and the 18w.)
  12. well u should start the seedlings that do come up in 24/0 and if u want u can keep it that way all the way until flowering... and 18/6 scheduale is also good... do not exceed the maximum that ur lamp will allow..... also a medium base is what normal light sockets use, and larger CFLs may have a Mogul base which is larger and u need ot have either a converter from medium to mogul or just a mogul based lamp
  13. Does a larger base mean it just wouldn't fit into the socket, because they all do? Does that mean that there would be some energy transference problem? Please elaborate. Thanks for all your help, your responses have been wonderful.

  14. if a light bulb has a MOGUL base it will not fit in to ordinary every day lamps like a desk lamp... it will simply just not fit so it wouldnt work...

    look for bulbs with medium bases, which is the standard for most bulbs...

    if u happen to buy a CFL with a mogul base and realize it after u do it, dont freak, u can go to home depot and they have a converter for lamps to go from a medium base to a mogul base allowing u to essentially put a mogul base into a medium...

    this is mostly with the larger CFLs, but most CFL will have a medium base.. both my 105w and my 68w both have medium bases so most likely you wont run into a mogul based CFL

    hope this clears it up
  15. Thanks, man If this does actually work, which I doubt, I will definitely be sending you a gram or two in the mail.
  16. haha no prob man im still a newb grower also, but ive learned alot of stuff about growing from people on this site (jcj, ocitown, smokinvtec, toastybiz, and cantharis just to name a few) that i hope can help other people in my situation and if i can help in anyway just let me know, either by pm or on any of my threads.
  17. It didn't die! How much water, if any, should I give it. I was away for a while yesterday, I wake up the next morning after not checking on my plant, and am in for an amazing surprise.
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  19. My precious first grow is a little taller than two inches right now and looks green as can be. :hello:
  20. Good job man!

    I have some beautifully germinated seeds but I wasn't able to plant them last night because I haven't gotten perlite yet.

    I've read that a mixture of half organic potting soil (mine is Miracle-Gro) and perlite is good for sprouts. Is this the best mixture, or can anyone tell me something that would work better?

    Hopefully my seeds will be OK being left in the towel a little bit after poking their roots out.

    So let me get this straight - I'm not supposed to water the soil I put the seeds in?

    Sorry for all the n00b questions.

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