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  1. Hi ,guys I'm 4 weeks into my grow from seed ,last week I re -potted from 4 " pots to 11 litre pots ,looking at my plants this morning I've noticed the roots are already coming through the bottom of pot after only 7 days ,some people are saying to 're - pot again ? I've not got much room left in my grow room so I'm a little limited ,also feeling confused ,any advice appreciated ,thanks uploadfromtaptalk1459688481913.jpg

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  2. Yo your plants look great and no do not repot it's okay that the roots are already coming out of the bottom I have used a different pot and filled it with 6 inches of soil and slid it right underneath the existing pot this isn't a known method it's just a method I approached when confronted with this issue I have since then had several harvests it works great hope that it helps
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  3. Thanks for the Reply ,a lot of people are suggesting re potting but I did that 7 days ago seems I'll get the same problem in a few days again very confusing

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  4. Nono. Ye kenna repot if the leaves aren past the pot edge. I would recommend switching to fabric pots next grow. More aeration, less repotting.
    The root growth will max out and the plant will start going out and up. Exposed roots from bottom will stop and may dry out but won't hurt the plant.
    I do recommend getting the pot bottoms off of the tray. If you have some 1/2" blocks or something without blocking the drain holes.

    Based on your grow area those pots may be just about max size. I'm in a 1x1 meter and I use 11 liter pots.

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