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  1. Hello, wondering how many hours should i give my plant? It is currently about a month old and has been getting 18/6. And i need to know when i should change them to 12/12 to start budding. Another thing is how can i tell if my plant is a male or female? It is currently growing in a wooden box. Please give me lots of tips and help. Thank you very much. Need anything to help have no idea what im doing. NEED ALL THE TIPS I CAN GET
    20140115_132605.jpg 20140115_132630.jpg 20140115_132638.jpg

  2. ^^^This.  There are tons of information on this site alone.  Do your homework first, then ask specific questions when you need help with something specific.
  3. I'm not trying to grow some super badass bomb bud plants just average i dont want to know all kinds of crap like that
  4. Hey guys. Spoon feed me information because I'm too lazy to read any link you may provide!!! Here's a spoon from me kid. Get more light on that plant, it's kinda stretched and pretty small for a month old.
  5. "i dont want to know all kinds of crap like that"

    1. how many hours should i give my plant?

    2. when i should change them to 12/12 to start budding? can i tell if my plant is a male or female?

    You don't want to know all kinds of crap like what? The link I provided is the place you will find the answers to the questions you asked...

  6. That box looks small - go into Micro Grows and you'll find some good tips there.  Just keep doing what your doing and read while you learn.  When you come upon a problem look it up in the search box on the very top of the page.  Do this on your own and you'll become a better grower because of it.      
  7. Don't over water the plant.. let the soil almost completely dry out before you feed her again.
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    So first off do not be disappointed and give up when your plant turns male/or dies
    if ur a first time grower this plant will be ur first test subject and most likely it'll never survive till harvest inless you really read up on growing, which from reading the post i see u havent.
    random tips to start out
    for lights use atleast 6 cfls 5 inches away so the plant doesnt burn.
    for soil use coco coir mixed with some perlite, it is very forgiving to first time growers and u dont need to water as much.
    water 3 times a week, once with nutes
    for nutes i suggest using fox farm Trio, grow big, big bloom, and tiger bloom.
    keep ur plants vegging for atleast 2 months, 3 month turn to 12/12 cycle.
    keep ur plants on light 24/7, giving them darkness while vegging is unnessasry
    if i think of more ill post em
    happy growing :3
  9. Thank you! what about watering plants
  10. The box is about 4 feet long in both directions, and 4 feet tall
  11. My biggest tip is: temperature, humidity, and air flow.
    Even if you get bud if the humidity is fucked up and no air flow you will get mold or mildew and have un smokeable shit
  12. Okay.  Your floor space is good, but the height is too low for organic vertical growing.  Look into Scrog (screen of green), LST (low stress training), and SOG in small containers (sea of green).  You'll have to do one of the 3.  And btw, a formaldihide box isn't a very good choice for a growing enviroment.  I'd consider getting rid of that down the road.  GL  

  13. Minimal effort = minimal results. You really should read up, you will be glad you did.

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