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    Im wondering how many hours should i give my plant? It is currently about a month old and has been getting 18/6. And i need to know when i should change them to 12/12 to start budding. Another thing is how can i tell if my plant is a male or female? It is currently growing in a wooden box. Please give me lots of tips and help. Thank you very much. Need anything to help have no idea what im doing.
    20140115_132605.jpg 20140115_132630.jpg 20140115_132638.jpg

  2. Hon, there are some stickies that you should read before you start asking us to fill you in! Those stickies are at the top of the list for very good reasons!
    And you want your plant to be much larger before you switch to 12/12 to make it show its sex. The bigger it is when you switch, the more bud you will get. If you switched it now, you would get just a gram or two.  And it could be your lighting in the photo, but it looks a little pale. Talk with the dudes in the Organic growing section. They will help you out!

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