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  1. im growing in a 2x2 tent with a 450w LED. How many plants can I attempt to plant at a time? I'm planning on planting 1 plant in a DWC bucket and the others in soil.
  2. One plant in a 2x2. How many watts does that 450w actually pull out of the wall? My guess is only around 185w.
  3. I think it's 200w
  4. 2x2 tent with a 200w light - one plant.
  5. What if I add another 200w? And one more question, if you don't mind. I'm running a DWC bucket. Do I need to top water the seedling until the roots reach the water? Thanks man
  6. Here's my bucket

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  7. The size of the tent is the reason for one plant - adding another light won't help - the light you have is enough light for the space you have. I haven't done DWC in years but when I did, I hand watered from the top until the roots were established. How do you plan on cooling the reservoir?
  8. I've seen people freezing water bottles and putting them in the bucket. Any advice on cooling the reservoir?
  9. That's how I kept mine cool, and that's also the reason I'm not doing it anymore - pain in the ass unless you have a chiller. I went to coco and never looked back - same fast growth as DWC, but simpler.
  10. You just use coco or do you mix it with other things? I bought some fox farm soil. I was going to grow one in DWC and one in soil.
  11. I use a 50/50 coco/perlite mix in my 1ltr propagation pots and a 67/33 coco/perlite mix in my 9ltr pot. I transplant at 2 weeks old. Whether you use coco or soil I suggest a 50/50 perlite mix to start because the added oxygen in the root zone promotes very fast growth. I see a lot of very small plants at 3 weeks old in a lot of threads because the roots are suffocating from lack of oxygen. Here's a pic of plants at 3 weeks old grown in coco/perlite.
    3 weeks.JPG
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  12. Wow man, those girls look nice and healthy! I'm off work at the moment for a herniated disc, so I'll be able to keep constant check on my bucket. So mix my foxfarm with perlite, 50/50 and I'm good to go? Sorry for the stupid questions, I don't know anything about soil or growing, but I'm interested.

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