new grower need some help with when to harvest

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by up in sm0ke, Apr 29, 2004.

  1. i know its gettin close but im not sure how to tell when i should havest.

  2. There's a couple ways to determine when to harvest, the simple version being the less accurate, and the more complex version being much more accurate.

    The simple way is to look at your nugs. The ladies' pistils should be turning reddish-orange as they slowly die. When 50-60% of the hairs have died, this is when you should consider harvesting.

    The complex way is to get a 30x-100x magnifying lens and look at the trichomes, or crystals. Trichomes go through three main stages:

    The first, when they are completely clear. This is when the most cannabanoids are within the trichomes.

    The second, during which the trichomes are a cloudy grey. At this time, most growers find the best balance between yield and potency, and so they harvest.

    The third is when the trichomes turn to a brownish color. At this point, cannabanoids have begun depleting their numbers.

    When to harvest, as with a lot of things during growing, becomes a choice of the grower.

  3. thank u very much for ur looks like ill be harvesting tonite :p
  4. Happy harvest, in that case!


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