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  1. Hey grasscity! I am beginning to set up my first grow, and was hoping some of you old timers could give me some advice on a couple of things. First, let me start by listing everything I have.5 by 5 tent, 1000 watt led, required nutes, ph balancer/tester, 6 in inline fan plus carbon filter and ducting, speed adjuster for fan, outlet timer for light, humidity/temperature sensor, a few 5 gallon smart pots and a couple regular fans. First off, is there anything I might be missing? For a grow this size, would I need another inline fan at the bottom to be sucking in air, or could i get by with a few oscillating around the tent? How many plants would you recommend in a 5 by 5 for maximum yield? for maximum yield, should I be trying the SCROG method? Also, is my LED powerful enough for a flowering stage or should I plan on getting another light like a high watt HPS or something of the sort? What type of water should I use? Should I use co2 for a grow of the size? Again, I want results for quantity, but i dont wanna sacrifice quality for any reason. I also dont want to take super time consuming measures, I want the whole grow to be done fairly quickly.I ordered germinated seeds off a trusted seed bank, its supposed to be quick harvesting. I also plan to clone this grow and set up a perpetual grow in the near future, so that I can harvest every couple months, any pointers for that would be great. Thank you blades!! Sorry for all the noob questions.
  2. Sounds like you have everything man, please don't expect everything to go right in your first grow cause a lot of small problems can arise - all a learning curve. All you need is negative pressure in the tent [extractor fan sucking out but leave vent open in bottom of tent to draw in out side air and exhaust out a window or another room]

    Don't need CO2 for that amount little bit of over kill, they say 6 max plants in a 4x4 tent with a 1000w light so if you want to do like maybe 10 plants probably gonna need another light.

    I'm using a 710w led light. Doing 4 plants eventually. In a 4x4 tent

    Also depends are growing hydro? Soil?
  3. And yes do scrog. And sorry I re-read your post, what is the brand of light cause it's not going to be 1000 true watts.
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  4. only thing I can see you needing is something to raise the smart pots out of the saucers, I made a little diy rack for mine or you can get plant risers of something. Helps with airflow under there, helps me not worry about mood issues!
    Oscillating fans are always needed additionally not as a replacement. To get away with not having a inline fan you'll need to have vents on the tent open, and with a 6" fan I think it's 3/4 times the size of your fan. So you'll need the vents to total 18-24" I think. I'd say better to get an inline...
    How many really does depend on your light now, what is it, link?
    I've gone with the scrig method but it is time consuming. Takes a lot of daily work but also extends veg. I planed on up to a 6 week veg ended up just shy of 10 weeks lol.
    No co2 isn't needed unless it's a sealed environment or very hot. And always uses TAP water. You can leave it out over night to let the chlorine/chloromine evaporate but not all do..
    I hope you ment you ordered feminised seeds lol .
    So What light you got, soil/coco/hydro? For soil/coco you will need to buy perlite too. Also what seeds you got coming? Remember the more light you got the more bud you'll get. And with a 5x5 you got abit of space, you can defo get more light if you can not only afford too but you can control the temps.
    With perpetual I think you can plant a new seed say, if they take 3 months to harvest. Then you could for example plant one every two weeks and with a 6 plant rotation theoretically harvest every two weeks.

    Now that being said here's a link to My first grow lol, if your interested!
    First Grow - 600w mh/hps - soil - photoperiod
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  5. What is the actual wattage pull from the wall for your 1000w LED?
    What does this mean? Germinated seeds?
  6. Pre soaked to save you the time lol

  7. I have only been doing this for just over a year and gotta say I have never seen seeds that look like those!

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  8. Haha it was just a pic I pulled of the net to make a lame joke :GettingStoned:
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  9. I never heard of pre-germinated cannabis seeds. Please tell me where you would purchase something like that? You never answered the question about the actual wattage out of the wall for your 1000w LED.
  10. Pay attention! Lol.. Op hasnt replied yet.
  11. I have a king plus 1000w full spectrum LED. Its actually rated at 240 true watts I found out from a quick Google search. :/ so this light is practically useless in my scenario right? Or woukd it work for veg? What lights should I get for veg and flower for best yield in a 5 by 5 tent? Also I am growing soil, being my first grow I do not want to complicate things. I've chosen fox farms ocean stuff
  12. Scuse me I ordered feminized seeds, probably was too tired to be typing this yesterday night lol. I have a 1000w king plus but the actual wall pull is less than 300. Oh and I do have an inline fan? Do you mean another one for the bottom? I have a 6 in inline for the top of the tent. And if money wasn't a factpr then what lights could give me the best yield?
    Oh and the seeds I bought were Caramelicious off the amsterdam seed bank site.
  13. Yeah I mean another for the bottom. If money truly isn't a factor then top of the range LEDs. I'm a news but others will lead you the right direction. I'm guessing Cree / cob setups. For me money was an issue so I went the hps route lol.
    Good luck
  14. And yes I'm afraid 240 true watts will be no were near enough light for your 5x5
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  15. Chill dude. I work 60 hour weeks im sorry I cant check my phone every hour. Feminized seeds not germinated, my mistake. My actual wattage is between 2 and 300.
  16. Hmmm... How can I find an LED with true high wattage? And how much would an hps setup cost me? I hear theyre good
  17. To answer your question - 2 plants maximum with that light.
    A high true wattage LED will cost a minimum of $600. Mine cost $1200.
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  18. Yep all the other guys answerd the questions.. gonna have to spend more money to get a better light/lights
  19. Look at timber cobs or Cree quantum boards for top of the line grow leds. Again I have no experience really here. But there are pleany who can help if put in the right forum with the right title. If your in America you have the market really, Lots of really good choice for top quality leds.
    Look up growmau(I think) on you tube. And when buying leds, expecially cheap ones it's not what the title says look in the description for actual watt usage.

    With hid's there comes heat. It's much less to setup (not comparing to cheap leds), and cost more on electric(mostly). In a 5x5 id say the minimum you want is 1x1000w. Better 2 600w, better 2 1000s lol you see Where it's going. Need to make sure you can cool it, with ac should be able to handle a lot.
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  20. After some research, I think I am going to invest in a HPS setup instead of pursuing LED, because of costs. My grow is not big enough to justify 500 dollar lights. I ran into a couple new scenarios. First off, what is the electricity difference when running HPS vs LED? Should I invest in a 1000w, 2 600w or 2 1000 w for my 5 by 5 tent? Probably gonna run 6 plants. I want a quick yield. I was looking at this light setup here

    With that cooling reflector, would I need to take any extra precaution against temperature? I have an exhaust fan, should I be looking at getting a 4 in inline to suck in air from the bottom? I dont know anything about HPS sorry for all the questions guys.

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