New grower, need some advice on a location.

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  1. Hey everybody, this will be my first attempt at growing. My friend recently bought some clones, then realized that he does not have the time to take care of them, so he is going to give them to me. Here's my problem, my room mate can't find out. Planting in the back yard is out of the question, but i have been thinking that maybe I can grow on top of my roof.

    here are some pics:

    Garage Roof:



    House Roof:


    I live in Los Angeles, so the house roof is in the sun from sun-up till sun-down, but there is no protection from prying eyes. The garage roof is more low-key, but there are some trees in the way (although i can trim them to get light).

    Also, any advice on what fertilizers, soils and nutrients i should start out with would help me a great deal.
  2. well what if a cop chopper just happens to fly over and spots them? haha it might just bet better to make a grow room in the house
  3. Well, im a new grower myself, so im no expert. But, why couldnt you build a fenced off area on your roof with some lightweight material like bamboo or vinyl fencing or something to keep the eyes from seeing your girls from the side. and if youre in LA you have MORE than enough sunlight, so to keep a straightdown view hidden, say from choppers, cover your fenced off area with lattice or netting. It is perfectly legitimate to have roof top gardens in LA and to keep netting over them to keep birds, bats etc, from eating your fruits and blossoms. Just be sure to secure it down tightly so as not to have the fence blown down by strong storm.

    bamboo walls, lattice roof top in LA, you got plenty of fresh air, and plenty of warmth, and plenty of sunshine. your rockin brother.
  4. well you can grow there of course also You are a medical patient right.
  5. med patient or not, don't stop thief's ...
    roofs are too hot unless shaded very well..
    LA heat? taklin 200 degrees or more comming off that roof at 3-5 pm..
    them babies would cook...a indoor grow is in your future! get a tent or build a room..use a closet, garage..etc..

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