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  1. Hey guys,
    so ive decided to start growing in my attic, stealth grow. Trying to figure out what the most efficient and economical way to go about this is. Considering building a grow box, or possibly purchasing a growlab. Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated! Let me know what you guys think is the best what to do this and how? THANKS
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    When growing in an attic space the most important part is controlling the temps..
    It will have to be insulated and have air feed to it from a controled part of the house.
    Or big enough to house a air conditioner and a heater..

    Check my thread... at the beginning..I grow in an attic space also..
  3. Thanks I appreciate the advice, I will take that into consideration, great set up btw very impressive. The attic is above the garage and i do have a decent amount of space to work with, its also well insulated. Im concerned what the temperature will be during the winter up there, typically it quite hot up there so I think it might be ok but I wasnt sure how the temperature of the attic will affect my grow box, seeing as I figured the grow box would be kept at aprox 70 degrees how important is it that the attic is at this temperature as well? Basically what is the temperature I should try and keep my attic at? thanks in advance

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