New grower looking for a few tips

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by backdrifts, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. So I searched around and found way too many options. So I was wondering what some experienced organic indoor growers do.
    First off I was wondering if a 125 watt HPS bulb is enough to grow 2 plants in a closet.
    Second I was wondering what the best (preferably organic) soil mixture would be? I've heard good things about Fox Farm Ocean Forest but the closest place with Fox Farm is nearly 50 miles away.
    Last thing I need some tips on the watering/nutes schedule.
    Any help would be appreciated :smoking:
  2. i dont have the link but cfls are more efficient, atleast for lumens, when you factor in the ballast,
    also cfls are not alot of heat i have 4 26 watters in my closet and its doesn't get hot in there and its not a big closet and they are cheaper my plants seen to be doing fine under them i strongly suggest them.
    heres a link to my ladies
    hope this helps any
    click here
  3. I run these soils with success as do MANY others, here is a dealer locator.

    125w HPS will likely not be enough for two plants but you could add a few CFL's to supplement. While CFL's may be more efficient in the 125w range (search name CFLWeasel for a good number crunching thread) I say if you can afford it get an HPS. You are going to get more penetration a more dense buds out of HID lighting.

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