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One 4 x 4 with a 1200w or 2 smaller thents

  1. 4 x 4 W/ Vipar v1200

  2. 2 smaller tents (2 x 2 or 3 x 3)

  1. Well i've decided to take the plunge and start growing. I move into a new house in a couple weeks (in the cities so ill be close to other houses) but i plan on throwing up a grow tent and giving it a shot. I've put a ton of research into growing and have came up with a simple Google Doc for me to put my thoughts down. I'd appreciate if you guys could give it a look over and tell me if you think i should add anything or change anything i've already put down. (Grow Questions)

    My biggest question is should i run with one 4 x 4 with a Vipar v1200 or go with two 2 x 2s or 3 x 3s (one for veg one for flower) and just throw a Vipar 600w in each (maybe don't need 600w for veg).

    I live in a cold climate and might have to grow in the garage if we don't have a spare room, how do you guys keep the tent/garage a good temp? Simple heater?

    Quick Questions
    - Do i need RO water?
    - Should i use some Liquid Seaweed and Mycorrhizae?
    - Lastly, i plan on going with a Blue Dream Fem, but for my first grow should i go with a auto? I feel pretty confident in going with a regular seed but if i end up with 2 tents maybe an auto would be good because of the speed of the plants, and BD seems to be a pretty quick strain.

    Thanks guys!
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    LED manufacturers are pretty misleading. That v1200 is not a 1200 watt light -the important number to look at is the actual number of watts that the light consumes. The v1200 that I found on Amazon only consumes 524 watts. You want a minimum of 30 watts per square foot. A 4'x4' tent is 16 sq ft. 524 watts divided by 16 sq ft = 32.75 watts per sq ft. The same math applied to a 2x2 and a 3x3 with 600s comes out to 67 watts per sq ft and 29 watts per sq ft.

    I'd say to either stick with the 1200 and the 4x4, or do two 2x2s and two 600s.

    In regards to which, it depends on how much you want to manage at one time. Two tents with some plants always flowering requires more effort than one tent. You'll be trimming more frequently, but you'll have fresh flower more frequently.

    Can't share insight into this. I grow in my spare bedroom so air is warmer.
    No, just toss an air stone connected to an air pump in the bucket of tap water to encourage chemicals (chlorine and chloramine) to evaporate. edit: I aerate my water for at least 24 hours before use.
    Sure, I use fish emulsion and Mycorrhizae. They're beneficial for very different reasons, but they're both beneficial. Look up appropriate application rates.
    I wouldn't overthink it. I did the same thing with my first grow (autos and fems), and it was too much to juggle for my first grow. Consider sticking with just one or two plants, unless you're an experienced gardener.
    HTH. Happy growing, Blade!
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  3. two tents would be great for having a veg tent and a bloom tent for always having plants ready for bloom. also would give more frequent harvests as the previous poster stated.
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  4. I agree and I like two lights better than one big one. My two 315 cmh are a lot stronger than one 1k hps. Plus I can split them up or do a 6x6 easily or more really

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    Thanks for all the responses guys! I have a budget of 500-750. I think ill stick to a 4x4 until i get more of a handle on growing. What lights do you guys recommend for a 4x4? Most people say a 600w is fine online, but to not get a cheap one if you want better results.

    Is LED the way to go?

    Thanks again guys!
  6. Blurple LED requires 50 watts per sf to flower somewhat decently. Might as well get HPS since concerned with adding heat anyway, they produce better than blurple
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  7. 50 watts per sf of blurple or HID lights
    35 watts per sf of quantum boards or cob led.
  8. the best herb has been grown under a 1000watt mh/hps bulbs entire setup with nutrients (dyna grow veg/bloom, ml dropper 4 plants in.5 gallon buckets some regular walmart soil and a regular size folders coffee to flood water an extra 5 gallon bucket to mix nutrients also if you have a 120v plug make sure you get a ballast with 120v/240v an extension cord and a surge protector. make sure that it is the kind that does not have a red light on off switch a bag of perlite and a bag of vermiculite mix with the soil and it will fill all 4 buckets probably all comes to 500 dollars go by the rule if a clone veg for 4 weeks if it is a seed veg for 8 weeks if done properly you get 10oz.with a 600watt and 16oz with an 1000watt. this is not organic at all. some believe in flushing the last week i believe in diluting the nutrients by half the last week. many will disagree with me but it is a tried and true recipe.
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  9. Experiences must vary because I've flowered with much less than 50 watts per sq ft, and I've followed handfuls of journals that have flowered with much less than 50 watts per sq ft. Both my grows and these journals have successful harvests. Obviously, more watts per sq ft facilitates significantly more weight per sq ft, but from what I've seen other growers follow and what I've done myself, 30 watts per sq ft is a good minimum.

    In regards to heat, your point is well taken that HPS would help heat the ambient room temp, however, the OP should also consider how much that will raise the ambient room temp during the hottest months of the year.
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  10. You guys may have had ok grows at that wattage, but the fact remains, you need 50 watts per sf of blurples to properly flower with. They don’t have the spread, spectrum or penetration to beat a HPS or quantum board. But if you are ok with .5 GPW and some fluffy buds, that’s cool.

    I build quantum board LEDs now so I don’t waste time with blurple. Though Mars is sending me a unit to test and review. Their units seem to be better than most I see and have used in the past.
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  11. It's okay that we disagree :thumbsup: Good luck with your quantum boards :bolt:
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  12. Don’t need luck. Got 900 ppfd and skill.

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  13. Yeah the room heating isnt much of an issue anymore, I will have a whole room to grow in. There are so many different LEDs on the market, much of which seem wayyy to overpriced. You can buy two 300w LEDs for way less than one 600w. Regardless i think im going to go with two of these in a 4x4 or 5x5.
  14. You will need 3 for a 4x4 and 5 for a 5x5. They have a lot of blue in them which vegs well according to reviews but they lack the reds, or the power for flowering. Get some quantum boards and be done man. Blurples just don’t cut it

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