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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by The.Darkness, Nov 21, 2003.

  1. I recently acquired some seeds from a friend who is in the growing biz, and i have 5 of the following, Nl5 , haze and mango. i live way to far north to grow outdoors(it was -41 C this morning) so indoor is the only choice. i will be using a 400 mh and a 4ft 2tube flouro for seedlings but i plan on only bring about 6-10 into final flowering and ect. my house is fairly small and being secretive is a must so i was wondering if anyone had anyone thoughts, plans or past pro's and cons . all info will be greatly appreciated
  2. Grow with soil, keep the setup simple and but have a big dayton exhaust fan to keep the temps down. If you can get your friend to help you build your setup or teach you to grow it would be great. Check out my growroom design thread in my sig V and the overgrow FAQ's thats down there also. V

    Have you ever grown before? if no then i would start 2 seeds first and get them to one week then start the rest so you dont loose allot of good seeds. Papertowel gerrminate them in a warm 80-90 degree dark area like behind your computer.

    Build a veg setup. A 4'x 1.5' box would be great. Use two dual tube 4' floro fixtures with 3 cool bulbs and one warm tube. Take clones before going into flower and make them clone moms so you dont loose the strains after the first grow.
    if oyu have the room save the males too and just put them in smaller pots so you can make some seeds and make a cross between your 2 vaf plants. I heard that mango is great and i bet your going to like haze, so that would be a nice cross mix.

    Label all your plants. A popsicle stick or wedge piece of white plastic with NL Hz Ma ect. writen on it would work good.

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