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    Hey guys I'm new to cannabis growing and was wondering if this set up is going to work... 5 x 5 grow tent ... 600 W cool tube HPS .... Extraction fan with carbon filter ... 6 inch intake fan ....soil, Fox farms ocean forest with 20% perlite ... Fox Farms grow big and big bloom... Cal-Meg and ph tester..... Going to start with 10 auto flowers Light of jah and lowryder... Tell me what you think i've been reading and studying for months but any help and tips would be appreciated
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  2. Sounds ok to me. I use a lot more nutes personally but i think that's enough what you have. You got a couple fans to put in there to blow across the plants? If you do i think you're good.
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  3. Thats minimum lighting for that tent... Probably need more like a 1k light in there! 600 divided by 25 sq ft of floor space is only putting that at 24 watts per square foot. You really need more wattage then that maybe even 2 600 watters in there would be really nice.

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  4. Thanks guys what other nutes would you suggest and yes I have a fan inside the tent also having a little problem with humidity it stays around 40 to 50 I was told 60 to 70 was good ....tent getting full don't really want to put a humidifier in there
  5. kelp extract, silica, worm castings, crab meal, white shark and fulvic acid.
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  6. Hi humidy fine at 40/50 lv so i wood not get a humidifier. Spray/mist every few hrs will higher it too. Ya need it lower to flower anyway lv. Goid luck and ya set up sounds good. My first set up was a room i had to build everything and compromise lol.. needless to say i didnt get best i cud av!!! But you av done brill. Happy growing love xxx
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  7. You have any pictures? It sounds like a nice set up! Here's a humidity chart. I'm sure not everyone will agree. Good Luck [​IMG]

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  8. Hi . Good info . Thanks xxx
  9. Thanks for the info ... I will post pics when I get everything going ...trying to take in as much information as possible iv got a lot of $ in this setup and some dank ass seeds I don't want to waste.....:weed-4:
  10. I remember my first grow was so much fun and it seemed like it would never be done and then i cut it down probably 2 weeks early and it was still the best weed I had ever smoked till I bought a scope on my second grow and got so freaking high I couldnt believe it was all mine!
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  11. I've got mixed emotions very excited A little nervous hoping that I can make it work ... Sucking up all the info I can I took your advice kenners76 decided to go with the 1000 watt HPS... So tired of buying mids from thugs they call fire for out rages prices ... ...ready for my own High Quality stash i'm willing to spend the money time and care to achieve this !!!!
  12. What's a scope?
  13. Yeah we got a little tent so once in a while I run out now days and have to go get some weed from my local mexican hookup and they always tell me how great it is I smoke it up and cant believe I just paid for that trash. It's nice to have my own stash 90% of the time now and the scope is jewelers loupe around 30-60x magnification to examine triches to see when to cut your girl down exactly to make sure your 100% not just 90% done.
  14. Unknown strain 10 days now shouldn't it be a little bigger ... ??

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  15. That seedling looks fine after 10 days Rob. I've had some go slower that turn out to be trees in the end. :)

    I recommend not going crazy with the nutes on your first grow. It becomes increasingly difficult to trouble shoot problems. So much can go wrong. You simply wont know which nute is causing the problem if at all, or if its a PH problem. The more you use the more complicated it gets, the more questions you'll have. Keep it simple. If you going to grow with Advanced Nutrients, start with Sensi Grow A and B, Cal Mag, RhinoSkin, and Sensizym. Those are all you need.

    The key to a good first grow is a stable grow room. Shoot for consistent temps, humidity, good light, while rotating your plants. You'll see greater results with a good setup then you will with any amount of nutes.
    Another thing to remember, the strain will determine the quality of weed, not the nutes your feeding it. This being your first grow, you wont have any reference to know if your money was well spent on nutes, or not.

    Good luck!
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  16. Thank you Bunks ....when and how often should I use cal mag ? Also I have a 5x5 tent but it's only 6 foot tall is a 1000w HPS to much or should I go with a 600 with pots and light fixture size it only leaves me with about 4 feet vertical grow room
  17. With limited height, I recommend going with the 1000w, that'll help the nodes grow closer together reducing the plants overall height. Heat will be a bigger problem though so you'll have to stay close by for a few days to figure out a way to mitigate that problem.

    If you're on a budget, just stick with the 600w. You'll need less equipment, your light bill will be lower, and you'll require less ventilation.
  18. I've got the funds to put into it I want to do everything right so I don't have a tent full of high quality twigs The ventilation system I am considering is an exhaust fan 440 CFM with carbon filter and also an intake fan 250 CFM and a fan inside the tent also will be using a cool tube reflector will that be enough for the thousand watt hps
  19. The intake is kind of a mute point the exhaust fan pulls the air into the tent I've never used an intake I got a 2'x1.5'x3' tent with a 300 watt hps and the thing never gets over 77 Fahrenheit when I flower and turn the ballast up to the 75% and run it at 450 watts it is 79 to 80 Fahrenheit I would say get an intake filter though if money isn't a problem keep that tent dust free just make sure to match up the cfm on the intake with the exhaust so you don't over work the fan

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  20. :tacos: image.jpeg image.jpeg In progress still have to set up exhaust running 50% mh Who knew smoking and growing could be so relaxing :love-m3j::tacos::tacos:

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