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  1. Hey I have been growing Royal Gorilla and am at the end of week 3.

    Am using a premium amended cocoa terra soil. Rh 48-60 and temp 28-29c day and 20 night.

    I have notices two plants leafs are limping and yellow and brown burn spots.

    I started nutes at week two canna a and b as shown below. I also use canaboot but this week I just started using calmag. I'm thinking maybe nitrogen toxicity?

    I am feeding between 6.5-6.9 ph.

    Ph of soils shows 5.9

    And I just but a litre of 6.8 pH water through. Only one had a run off. And that read 4.6ph..

    Is the nitrogen in the calmag doing this.. I have read I can't flush this soil as its amended.

    Do I just let them dry now and on a few days feed without calmag, or reduce the qty of calmag and nutes to lower the nitrogen?

    Also if anyone recognises the problem and it isn't nitrogen I would be extremely great full for advice. Was planning on waiting another week and fim them and lst two weeks later with a total veg of about 9 weeks.



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  2. Royal queen cookies? Great strain. Wish I could help but I'm a soil guy

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  3. It is soil, just a premium version apparently. And it's Rqs Gorilla although my free one was cookies :) more interested in what the burn on the leaves is.. Whether nitrogen or something else. 600w hps lamp 50 inches above canopy. Just as I got the humidity and temp sorted started seeing the burns. Think might be calmag. Will try a reduced feed next time with a pH closer to 7 to raise the soil a bit. But the run off could contain some nutes sitting in the tray that gave a low leading off the run off. Also using bio cloth bags
  4. I'm sure more experienced growers than I will chime in, but your plants are still young, and I wouldn't be giving them any nutes yet until they get bigger. Just give them water. Flush for a few days, and see if it improves. The nutes alone that came with the soil should be enough to get them going pretty well before having to add nutes in.

    I like to keep things simple. I don't like adding nutes,amendments (think pretty white bottles with half naked ladies on the labels). But, I'm a minimalist.

    That being said, for nutes, research the Comfrey plant. :)
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  5. You say you are in soil but you are using nutrients for coco !!
    Canna coco tends to auto adjust ph at around 6 since its what is best for coco. But in soil you need around 7. At 5.9 you are locking out and it could explain appearance of deficiencies. To correct you need to use proper nute formula like Canna Terra and I would recommend a flush.
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  6. Okay so you're saying you're feeding a amended soil? If it's a soil like promix or something that's a water only soil. I'm not real familiar with what you're going in as far as if it's a soil completely. I grow and stuff like Happy frog and I do what is called slurry test to determine whether my plants are hungry or not before each water and feed it also tells me the absolute true pH of my soil and the ppm's

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  7. So when ur soil is dry ready to water or feed, do this
    Take a large shot glass of soil from ur plant and the same amount of distilled water and put in a cup. Stir around. Than put one meter in and get a reading. Than the other. So that will give u the true pH of ur soil. The ppms will tell u if ur plants are eating ur feeds or if they are hungry. So if I get a reading of 350 or under I feed. If it's over 350 i water. It's just that simple

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