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  1. Hey people i am new to growing I have a a dark devil auto it was at week2 yesterday I have been feeding it 1/4 strength nutes since it was about 3day (I know it's not recommend but it looks ok so far) so here's my question I am thinking of upping the feed to 1/2 should I still 1/4 feed for a bit longer or can I do the switch to 1/2? Thank I any and all input welcome

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  2. It appears you are growing in coco? How often do you feed?
  3. Daily as I don't water to much just enough to keep the soil moist
  4. I think you can up the dose. Looking great
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  5. Thanx just don't want to do it without getting all the info I can first
  7. Yeah it's in coco
  8. She's looking really good. I'd start upping her nutes.
  9. Thanx I think I will
  10. I have another question when is the best time to use a bloom boost/accelerant on an auto??
  11. I've never grown autos, but I'd imagine just following the instructions? What boosters are you going to use?
    Not sure if this helps. Its a quick guide to nutes & autos. Scroll near the end for the advice on boosters:
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