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  1. Well here is the plan. Since I'm getting back into the culture I found that most of my contacts are out of the picture now. So grow my own is the only way to go... so here is the start plan:

    Mini-Fridge stealth build like found on this site (free large mini-fridge on craigslist FTW!)
    Bubbler hydro set up like found in the DIY forum but going to a 2 gallon I think for one plant for max grow potential in the fridge.

    So the plan is to follow the mini-fridge build found here and followed for awhile and add either the current 2 gallon bubbling hydro setup (currently growing some garden herbs in my kitchen) or move to a rubbermaid setup that will provide more growth potential.

    SWMBO (She who must be obeyed) is on board for the fact of cost efficiency and understand that I gave of smoking 10+ years ago for the Army and I promised myself this. But since I live a "smarter" lifestyle I plan on going full stleath.. i.e. mini-fridge in a spare room with carbon filter. I understand the smell of opening the fridge and drying during harvest; but any other tips out there? Will post a journal half-way through the grow faze but not a day by day journal like others. I'm new at hydro (starting like said above on some garden herbs) and nutrient cycle is all new.. help me pllllease! Any good ebooks or books out there I should read before starting? Should I order my seeds or try to germinate some seeds off my next mid-low stash I pick up from some strange dealer? I hate not having a hookup anymore!!!! :devious: Any hints on finding a good lighting system for a mini-fridge (going to try to get large as I can)? Is two fans for intake and one for exhaust a bad idea? What can I expect on dry weight growth if all goes well? Good? Minor?

    Sorry for the long post... but been planning this in my small demented ADHD head!
  2. if you dont have seeds yet check out my link in my signature!! use the search and find snow ryder. ounce or 2 off each plant. and auto flowering. best of both worlds.
  3. another fridge buddy!!!

    check out my grow
  4. Thanks for the info Devillover and Nasti06. Maybe both you guys can answer this what is a good strain for say a 3' tall growing space (and if I do a bubbler I'll probably only have 2 foot of growing space minus lighting). Or should I forget the bubbler and go straight soil?
  5. personally i'm trying out soil. but in a few grows i'd like to upgrade to a Hydro system cuz i hear they work so much better.
  6. I'm currently growing some kitchen herbs using a 2 gallon bubbler method found in the DIY section of GC. The herbs grew fast and strong and its really easy to manage and control the PH and such (helps if you have a background in working with fishtanks and such).

    In your fridge build do you have anything (screen) blocking the lights? How high are your plants getting and are you finding it worth it financially (initial build, maintenance, and electric fees) in the end using a mini-fridge. Hell I wish I could get a side-by-side full size fridge and actually grow something with height for a better final product; but would look odd in the "mancave".
  7. Update:

    I still have not got my fridge yet because I'm debating on rather to do a large mini-fridge or to get a full size freezer on top fridge on the bottom setup. My thought would be a larger harvest and also more room to grow into a separate mother/clone chamber for more rapid growing cycle.

    I also am about to destroy a PC to build a PC grow box to grow some bagseed and I have another aerogarden system coming in that I also might try to grow some bagseed from there to see how it competes with the pc grow box.

    I just want to make sure when I get my full grow going on in the fridge that I have less issues so trying two additional grows to get some kinks/bugs worked out.
  8. because you're working with a mini fridge, i would put mesh or netting up to keep them short and stout. my plants actually grew out of my fridge and i have since moved it to a home made box beside my fridge. kinda wish i put some netting up at first.

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