new grower from ENGLAND needin help...

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  1. orite ppl how s evre1 doing..?

    im growing my first ever plant just the 1 im not greedy ha

    its a afghan plant.. does anybody know about

    growin these..???

    ive got a good idea what im up for

    im a little confuzed about fertilizing tho

    its abit confuzing..

    but as i say this is my first time so somthings

    gotta go rong u no how it is!

    im new to this site 2 so plz feel free to add me as a friend

    as i need alot of em haha

    i carnt grow these babys alone haha

    thnx n hope 2 hear from yah!

    - T O M M O -

    afghan plant..
  2. Hey bro, what set up you running?
  3. We need to know how old the plant is to help. If its already flowering fertlize with a fert similar to npk 10-25-10. If its still vegging give it a fert with high n fert- like 20-20-20.

  4. as it goes mate i have got this daft light what a pal of mine gave me it really is useless but tomorow im heading in to town to buy some goods.. lighting equipment mainly
    im only growing the 1 plant so i reckon i wont need 2 much what would you suggest .. ?

  5. cheers for that .. but im nowhere near flowering yet lol
    im germinating at the moment but wont be too suprised if they evan sprout i got them from town there nirvana seeds and only cost £20 so not sure if there any good as yet..
  6. I'd go for at least 100 actual watts of cfls, you know what bulb you got at the minute?
  7. Oh ok. Your seedlings shouldn't need fertlizer for about 3-4 weeks of growth. Then start with a vegetative fert.

  8. im not using a light at moment but its erm ..erm i really dont have a clue i dont really plan on using it anyway..
    on peoples pics ive seen they use like a double adaptor for there bulbs like a y shape.. can you get these easily and what are they called .. ?
  9. Not so easy over here mate, I've never seen them, you could try focus or B&Q though. Cork has wired himself up 4 bulbs from one socket though I think pm him see how he did it.
  10. sound .. cheers for that mate

  11. orite mate im back again haha could i use a 150w halogen floodlight ?
  12. happy to help.
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    For some reason its illegal to sell those y sockets in europe, some sorta saftey hazard, i can imagine if some1 pluged in 2 200 watt bulbs or something into the sockets :p

    I made myn myself i got 2 standard bulb holders and a piece of 1/8th ply and cut holes in it and fitted the 2 bulb holders/sockets. and then crozz wired them to each other and soldered them onto some flex, and covered in heat shink.

    It was very simple took about 10 mins and works perfectly, no saftey hazards of anything like that coz its all sealed and not gonna be overloaded as im using low wattage CFLs.


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