new grower from ENGLAND needin help...

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  1. orite ppl how s evre1 doing..?

    im growing my first ever plant just the 1 im not greedy ha

    its a afghan plant.. does anybody know about

    growin these..???

    ive got a good idea what im up for

    im a little confuzed about fertilizing tho

    its abit confuzing..

    but as i say this is my first time so somthings

    gotta go rong u no how it is!

    im new to this site 2 so plz feel free to add me as a friend

    as i need alot of em haha

    i carnt grow these babys alone haha

    thnx n hope 2 hear from yah!

    - T O M M O -

    afghan plant..

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  2. This is a repost. That isn't your plant either thats one from thc

  3. thats just a pic i got off net mate
  4. Sorry bro I thought you were trying to pass that off as yours. My mistake. Im baked.

  5. haha no woreez im just germinating at moment but hopefully thats wat mine will be looking like! but since im new to this il more than likely end up with a few brown leaves on the floor haha

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