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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Ezilagel, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. Wow, so i have in the last week
    bought at least 200$ worth of bud(midgrade) and a bong for 40$


    i pretty much realized i should stop wasting my money
    im growing my own soon
    seeds were DARK black
    outdoor grow
    sativa strain 100%, nice and jumpy high(i smoked some from the bag)
    seedling is four inches tall and the shadeleaves just poked out
    one of my friends told me that the shade leaves were really skinny (less than 1 cm), which apparently is an early sign of a female,(for this strain)

    where should i plant it, it's in a dixie cup now?
    miracle grow fertilizer, yay or nay?
    is there a way to make sure it doesnt grow over ten feet-ish(this is all i can make room for in my backyard)

    any other tips would be greatly appreciated
  2. Sativa strains have skinny leaves, naturally. Wouldn't bet on it being a female based on that.

    Plant it somewhere that gets full sun.

    Lots of people trash MG. I have had good luck with it, but would advise caution to new growers when using it. Start with 1/4 recommended dosage and step up to full feedings. No need to give first feeding until after the cotyledons (first round water leaves) have died.

    You can top it (search the forum for how to's) to restrict height. Some sativas don't much care to be topped though.

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