New grower, DWC Emilys Garden setup / RQ Auto AK

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    I've decided to use an emilys garden setup I found at a local nursery for $10 on clearance. Due to the small res I'm only growing 3 plants instead of the 6 you can technically grow in this thing


    144x3 led reflector series light from mars hydro (top led) running at 20/4
    upgraded air pump to a tetra whisper 100gal
    running 2 air lines off pump into 4 air stones
    48x24x60 apollo tent on amazon
    small 700w oil fin heater (garage grow)
    random metal boston desk fan zipped to tent beam in the corner on same timer as light

    tap water is about 30 TDS
    Ph is around 7ish from the tap

    So far I've sprouted 3 seeds in rockwool, and after I started to see roots emerge from bottom I transplanted to hydroton in my Emily's garden.

    after first true leaves emerged and the cotyledons started to wilt I added 1tbsp of GH floragro which bumped TDS to 400

    everything is stopped growing but I've noticed the centers on two of the plants are yellow, not sure what could cause this

    ill add photos later, thinking I need to lower ph. I have some seachem acid buffer for my fish tank

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    So I think I gave them too much fert, if my tap water is 30ppm and it hit 400+ I am pretty sure I massed things up.

    I have two ph testers, both liquid, one is my aquarium API freshwater kit and other is the thing that came with the GH ph up and down combo. I've been keeping my ph on the API reading at 6.0 and for some reason the GH tester shows 7 from same water so I don't know what to trust

    I've flushed my water to 80ppm also, crossing my fingers and hope they rebound
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    No comments? Lots of lurkers here I guess
  4. I am only on my 3rd grow but looks like nute burn to me. Had same problem before.
  5. If your feeding it this early stop until week 2 doesn't need nutes yet. If not it's your ph

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    Okay cool thanks everyone, I've noticed two are starting again to grow so I think flushing out the nutes and maintaining the proper ph is helping. Is it normal for ph to raise from 6 to 7 over a few days? I wonder if hydroton leaches stuff into the water?

    and my third and more severely affected seedling (first pic) still looks horrible, I wonder if it will even recover. Is it wise starting more seeds now to grow them staggered multiple weeks apart? Or will that mess with my potential flowering cycle and whatnot?

    excuse typos, on my phone
  7. How's the grow going? I have a similar setup and I'm wondering what your plants are turning out like. 

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