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    Hello this is my first grow from some seeds that i got from my brother who he got from our older brother found. So they sat on my desk for almost a year and then I said fuck it im growing me a baby.

    Set up is pete moss perlite soil form 99 cent store
    right now only 4 CFLs 3x23w daylight and 1 23 soft white
    that's 92W plan to get at least 3 more so i can have around 120W in the pc .
    Come flower time i do plan to make a 24X24X24or36 box just no cash right now .

    1-7-13 3in tall plastic pot



    1-14-13 Looks like a burn
    grow box finaly up
    Yellows over the next few days still growing i figure the yellow is from high calcium in tap water or just lack of any nute broke for a while

    1-19-13 purpling





    Continues to look bad no cash to get any nuets till 27th
    got MG 20-8-16 all purpose from wallmart applied at next feeding that night

    1-29-13 looks a little better

    1-31-13 continued improvements healing and growing nicely now


    Grow box as opf now
    I rotate the plant every 12 or so

    So any and all advice please?How am i doing for about a month in?
  2. I don't want to sound like a dick but.... it's severely stunted, looks over fertilised, and the soil looks wet in every photo, it's very important to let the soil dry out between waterings. a month old plant should be well over a foot tall

  3. I have to agree here. She's struggling and fighting the whole way. Lay off nutes, chill on the water, let her breathe. She'll recover. ;)
  4. yeah i mean its fine but only cuz you can veg for however long ya want
  5. nah man thats what i need . Beeing my first grow these are the kind of things i need to be told. Ifigured something was up on size and i have changed watering to a scedual, but now ill play it by feel and let her dry up a bit before next feeding and not nute for a while.

    Now that watering will be dialed back ,if my flower box will be 24x24x24(or 36) at how tall should i switch to flower. also beeing stunted when will it be safe to lst?
  6. Low-Stress Training
  7. low stress training ahh now whats that lol i just read how to do it but im still kind of lost how does bending the stem down and makin it all curvy make a bigger yield
  8. if you could dum it down for me lol
  9. LST is simply bending the stems down to shape it how you want it to be shaped. getting more plant closer to the light and having more side branch grows. if you google image LST I'm sure there will be lots of pictures showing you examples

    only water when the soil is proper dry. don't be afraid of the plant wilting. it's very surprising how dry the soil can get before the plant wilts. but even if it does, a little wilting won't harm them, they will perk back up once watered

    you shouldn't need any nutes until that plant is about a foot tall. don't feed the plant unless it's asking for it. it will show by having overall light coloured leaves. if the leaves are dark it has enough. yellowing at the bottom could mean not enough or too much nutes so using that is more difficult to diagnose

    the plant will double in height when you switch to 12/12 so that needs to be your gauge. if you have 2 feet of hight and the pot and lamp with take up some of that room, it doesn't sound like you will have much room for a plant in there. maybe a ScrOG will be best for you. this makes even large plants just inches tall
  10. Ok so i checked soil today dry top layers and kinda moist a the bottom closer to the plant. Should i let it dry out completely probably by morning (currently 2:30PM PST) or early afternoon or go ahead and water tonight

    No nutes anymore for now i only used nutes when i thought she needed them back around the 27th. She seemed to green and perk back up growing after the nutes so im guessing it was a good call but knowing she stunted i guess ill have to wait and see. Should I flush?

    I understand the basic scrOG, but any advice aobut how i should go about it?
    I was originally planning on lst in a spiral .Should I do that and add a twine net above or just do scrOg?

  11. I'm certainly no expert pretty much just how you were a couple of months ago but I have spent litterally the past 6 months reading and perfecting my plans but any way back to your grow it seems best way to know if she ( fingers crossed) is ready for watering is to water if top couple of inches are dry and I'm going to lst and scrog sorry can't give much help on scrog as still don't fully understand it myself but I'm sure someone can so good luck to you keep us all posted I hope I was some help and didn't just waffle on for no reason
    If anyone more experienced wants to correct/add to what I said feel free if anyone can enlighten us both on scrog or point us to someone/something that can that would be great thanks :)
    Its all a learning curve
    Keep toking stay happy :)
  12. For 1 month veg. it is a small plant.

    You need 660nm red LED + blue LED light, not CFL.

    I had nearly 500W CFL to grow a few plants!

    The plants can use some CFL light but not that much.

    If you would start up more seeds you would see some grow very fast, some average, some stunted, and some really nearly don't grow at all. Depends on the genetics.
  13. why not that much cfl
  14. Your soil looks like is has a lot of bark in it. You should change you soil out to something organic, and mix in some perlite. And LST^
  15. I grow with cfls and they are great, getting an oz per 100watts is not hard
    I doubt you could get that with LED
  16. so onto the soil should i change it out ?

  17. Like smokenpause said it looks to us that your soil is mostly bark maybe spend a bit more than you would at the 99 cent store and get some good quality potting soil from garden centre or local grow shop depending on budget if you want quality soil you got to be prepared to pay for it
    You get what you pay for maybe someone on here that lives closer will be able to give you a better idea on where and how much
    Don't forget add some perlite about 35-60% of your mix
    Good luck
    Also quick question for my own personal noseyness is that standard foil you've used to line walls
  18. is foil bad? what should i line my walls with?
    could i grow a single hydroponic plant in a coffe tub thing or like a soe box with a net and pellets and what not? do i need a bubbler for one plant?
  19. I'm not even going to attempt helping you on the hydroponics side of growing as it never intersted me so know very little about it if anything and the foil can quite often cause heat spots and general problems
    If you haven't got the cash for mylar or similar I've seen people use those foil emergency blankets or even flat white paint

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