NEW GROWER auto plants on its 2 day im using fox farm could use a few tips

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Jack walker, Mar 4, 2016.

  1. My plant is on its second day of planting its already grown a little green tri leaf overnight it is a auto purple from a seed bank online this is my first indoor grow and when or how will i make it go purple any help
  2. It will do it on its own.

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  3. The purple colour only comes in the last week or two. You may have to run it longer than normal to get a richer colour and low nutrient and low temperature in the last couple of weeks will also help
  4. I live in Nor Cal and its usually super hot all through out the summer (weather seems a little different this year tho) so are you saying theres a good chance mine won't get purple?
  5. Purple color on your bud can either be produced/replicated by grow-room techniques (in some cases) or directly from your genetics.

    The color of the buds will have zero impact on the quality of the meds, so just relax and watch the youngins go.
  6. I heard a big reason for growing purps is the CBD count :eek: anyways I thinks most purple strains have a similar really good taste with a mild smell. I think it has to affect the buds somehow?
  7. There's a chance it won't anyway, but it will likely have some colour to it even if it's very warm. But it doesn't usually show until the end
  8. Im just wondering cause i have some seeds from some bomb purps i had.
  9. I love bud with some colour, so by definition, to me at least, the quality is increased .

    This was grown in a very warm environment so don't stress about the temperature. It would have been darker if it had been colder, but it's still purple

  10. At least there's still a chance one of them will be purple. Those buds look dank as fuck. It's weird tho cause I've bought purple before the didnt taste or smoke anything like purple. I've heard some people even use dye
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