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    Hi, new to growing and this site. I have 4 plants, they are a little less then 1 1/2 months old. On all 4 plants the very bottom round leaves have turned yellow and died. The next fan leaves above them on one plant are yellowing pretty badly but the rest of the plants looks very healthy. Im using regular potting soil, and using tap water watering the plants 1-2 times every 24 hours. I'm still trying to learn as much as I possibly can. If I could get some advice if theres something Im doing incorrectly, it would be much appriciated. Thanks! I also att. some pictures to give a better idea what im working with.

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  2. It is almost that easy, but it looks like the PH of the water needs to be adjusted to 5.8 in order to get maximum growth and so the nutrients are better received by the plant.Tap water can vary widely on the PH scale,also it can be harder to swing up or down due to lots of additives/chems.Keep an eye on the PH of the Tap water as it may rise again after a day or two, it is best to keep some PH adjusted VERY lightly nutrient treated water around.Those plants have some potential.You might want to water only once a day or when the soil starts to dry out a bit.It only needs to be damp, not soaked.What kind of Soil, Lights, Seeds are you using?Good luck!
  3. Looks like soil to me and a 5.6ph would be to low. Soil at 6.8and 6.5ph is more in range as in soil lockout would be at 5.6ph.
  4. I have an emergancy, I uploaded another pic of one of the plants and this has happend over 1 day. The top of the plant is browning and hasnt spread any further so far. What should I do to cure this? Im worried Im going to loose it. Also it seems my plants are slowly yellowing from the bottem up. HELP!
  5. 1st the plant with the leaves that are messed up is from getting a light to close
    also there is a diagnostic guide floating around on the forum that can help you with the yellowing from the bottom up
  6. will they recover if I keep them not so close to the lamp? Also are those leaves useless now that they've been burnt?
  7. The burnt leaves will not recover. Don't cut them off 'cause they aren't totally useless. They might grow out a bit but the burn will never go away. I say keep 'em cause even in their diminished capacity they probably can still help with overall transpiration and chlorophyll production.

    Also, you don't need to water once a day, more like once every 2 to 3 days when the soil is dry and the container feels light if you pick it up. You should be watering until you get a 30% runoff of water from your container and your water runoff should pH to around 6.8. That means if you water with 1 gallon you want to see 1/3rd of that gallon come out of the bottom of the container. This will help flush out the old used up nutes that are starting to create a toxic salt buildup in your soil. It is that salt buildup that could be causing the yellowing of your leaves.

    But honestly your problem is difficult to diagnose without you giving more info. I mean the other poster is right, you want your soil pH to be between 6.5 and 6.8, but other than that we need to know what kind of soil it is, when you water are you watering with nutes or just plain water. If you are adding nutes how much and how often, and when you water what is the pH of the water before you pour it on the soil?
  8. Thanks for the info DIY, I am currently just using tap water. I dont know how to check the ph level nor I dont know what to buy for nutriants. How do I go about checking the ph level of the water and adding nutes. The soil im using is Expert Gardner Potting soil. Thanks again. Also three of the plants are slowly yellowing worse from the bottem so Im assuming I need to get this taken cared of right away.
  9. i wouldnt worry 2 much about ph if your using soil(good buffering ),to b honest they look alrite maybe just could do with a feed ,i presume you have just repotted them into bigger pots ,if this is the case then theyll sort em selves out within a couple of day, i may b wrong but hope this helps kgb
  10. :)Ok basically it's one of two things that's causing the yellowing from the bottom. Either you have too much nutrient in your soil and your getting nute burn OR you don't have enough nitrogen in your soil and the plants need more nitrogen. If you are using a pre-ferted soil that already has nutes added (soil will have lots of white dots in it) it's possible that you have nute burn.:(

    But more likely you need some more nitrogen in your soil to correct the yellowing. Get a liquid fertilizer for soil. You can add this to your water can. A good schedule is like water with nutes, wait 2 days, then water with plain water and no nutes, 2 days later again plain water no nutes, then water with nutes. Each time water till 30% runoff. You can get by without checking pH OR you can buy a 4$ pH test kit at the garden store and use it. Explanation is on the pH test kit, couldn't be easier to use.

    If that doesn't correct the problem then it's nute burn and you need to flush your soil with 3x the water to container size to get rid of the excess nutes. Then simply start on the nute, water x2, nute, schedule I talked about before.

    Hope that helps.:D
  11. Thanks DIY, I was also wondering can i check the ph level of the soil? Im thinking its nute burn, because...I Transplanted them recently into this new soil and they slowly started to yellow these past two weeks. So im thinking I should flush them. When I do that, (just want to make sure I understand this before I flush them) the amount of water I use to flush each plant should be 3x the size of the clay pots im using? So that would be about 48oz of water (or 6cups) of water? So yes, I think thats what I need to do. Makes the most sense, because 3 of the plants are in the new soil and the one plant that isnt having such an issue is doing ok showing a random spotted browning which is in the same soil that its been from seeding. Hopefully this all makes some sense its late and im extremely tired. Hope to hear from you soon, ty
  12. I just uploaded some new pictures, they havent been getting any better. Slowly worse it seems. And your right I did just repott them but that was over a week ago and they were doing ok at first but for some reason they're yellowing and browning. So im worried, and unsure what to do? I thought flushing them may be the answer but Im afraid I will put more stress on them if i do that.
  13. Anyone? Can someone please let me know if I should flush the soil on my plants or are they lacking nutes? Im worried im going to lose them if i dont do something soon
  14. hi there ,i wouldnt flush em,wot soil mix r u using?if youve just repotted them so they should find all the nutes they need in the new soil,another thing r u watering them to much?that could b a possibility! ill keep my eye on this thread hope this helps good luk kgb
  15. Im using Expert Gardner potting soil. The bottem leaves on 3 of the plants seem to be dieing off. I've cut back on my watering and Im picking up a ph testing kit for the soil tomorrow. Two of the plants seem to have slowed down on growth so maybe there lacking in nutes? I updated the pics on this thread, take a look and let me know what you think. I'll be on here for awhile, im determined to make sure they're alright. Thanks KGB ;)
  16. some potting mixes that r available r sometimes not broken down enough(ie its still vegetation trying to turn into compost) sold mainly to be mixed into your veg patch or mixed with loam etc and this is whats called hot!a bit like putting pure horse manure thts not old enough on it,this could cause all sorts of problems!!!hope this is not the case!!
  17. So what do suggest I do? How can I find out whats up with the soil? Im quite unsure what I need to do.

  18. did u raise the seeds in this potting soil or have you just used it to repot,gonna get to the bottom of this problem ,im with you bruv;)
  19. my suggestion would b to leave em a couple of days,dont go overboard with watering,i reckon they r just getting used to the new pots /soil etc ,maybe even try a foliar feed......we will sort it !!!
  20. No, I didnt raise them in this soil. I transplanted three of the plants into the new soil. The one plant in the big pot was transplanted into the same soil it was raised in and I added a little of the new soil to top off the pot because it was a little low on soil.

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