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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by MarquisGemini, Dec 18, 2011.

  1. I have a 4x8 grow tent
    the entire canna range for soil grow
    400WATT MH light for veg600 and WATT HPS for flowering</p>I am growing 2 THC Snow and 2 NYC Diesel.

    Is there anything I should look out for when growing in a tent? Are the amount of lights I have enough? How many could I flower under a 600WATT in a 4x8 tent?
  2. Not sure how to answer what to look out for, under are hundreds of things, when something isn't quite right, you will know.

    As far as how many plants, I wouldn't do anymore than 11 under a 600
  3. I also have a 600w HPS light.

    I grow in a 3x3 area. I cant fit NO MORE than 4 plants, thats even pushing it.
    I'de say in a 4x8 you'de be able to fit 6-8 plants, depending on size. You dont want them squished together all to hell.

    Also, yes those lights will be more than enough. for your tent. you may need to get a large hood to cover that 4x8 area though.
  4. Oh good, good to know. Currently I only have TWO 130WATT veg CFLs on the seedlings. When they start to show real leaves I'll pump the MH light (hopefully by the end of the week). I have 4 currently, I might plant 2 more today. I was thinking about 4-8 plants actually, because I am using LST. I will be trimming of most the branches before veg so I have about 4-8 main colars on each plant. I'm calling this an homage to an old friend. Using his method down to a T.
  5. Its just according to strain and technique how wide the plants grow but you can easily fit 12 5g buckets in the 24 sq ft of floor space in the 4 x 8 tent.
  6. how would you feel about six plants in a 4x8 with 2-1000w hps bulbs?
  7. 600watts in a 4'x8' is no where near enough. I have a 600w in my 4'x3' tent, and a 300w LED too.

    In that size tent you would want at the very least 2x 600w lights, 2x 1000w lights would be ideal. Another option would be to partition the tent to create 2x 4'x4' areas. One running 400w MH for veg and the other 600w HPS for flowering

    You could fit however many plants you wanted. The fewer plants you have the easier it is to look after them, but the longer it will take to fill out the area. As long as the area is adequately filled, the yield will be similar.

    I have grown a single plant ScrOG filling my 4'x3' tent many times, and recently just finished growing 24 small plants in there. Both ways work just fine. There is no best number, it's personal preference

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