New Grower 3 Week Old Plants Issues

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    Growing Medium: Growstone GS-3 Coco Mix.
    Indoors in grow tent
    Strain: Northern Light
    Age: Around 3 weeks
    Light: Mars Hydro 300w LED 24" above plants
    Temps: 66F-79F

    First time grower having a few issues with my two plants that are around 3 weeks old. One is worse than the other. I am noticing progressive yellowing/browning of the lower/bottom leaves starting at the tips and spreading to the edges. I am feeding Flora series nutrients along with Cal-Mag and following this nutrient schedule:

    This issue seems to be working it's way up the plants, starting first at the tips. I had been pHing my water to around 6.0 when watering. When I first noticed the issue, I had looked up the symptoms and thought it could be nutrient burn, so I flushed them with plain 6.0 pHed water. This didn't seem to alleviate the issue, so I purchased a pH meter to get an idea of my run-off pH. Upon testing my run-off, I was getting values between 6.8-7.0. From everything I've read, this seems too high for coco, so I flushed the heck out of my plants on Sunday, finally getting them down to around 6.0pH run-off. Yesterday, I resumed feeding nutrients, but the problem still seems to be getting worse. Any idea what my issue/issues could be here? Thanks.

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  2. Your pics are useless . take pics under normal white light and repost
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    Will do. Sorry about that.

    Edit: Updated post with new pictures.
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  4. Looks like light nute burn imo. They look good otherwise i would just lower nute levels and it should sort itself out in a few days. Good luck
  5. Thanks for the advice. Will try backing off on the nutes a bit.

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