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    Hello, I am a new medical grower and I still have much to learn.

    My current plants (pictures are attached) have been under a 1000W HPS light for a week (18/6). The light is about 4 feet above the plants and there is a 720 CFM fan pulling air strait out of the hood and out of the closet. I transplanted them into the these bigger 12inch pots using FoxFarm Ocean Forest soil. The clones came from a local medical marijuana facility so I don't know how old they actually are. The 2 plants in the green pots are Big Buddha Cheese and the less bushy plant is Blueberry. I have been watering the plants 250mL of tap water every other day without any nutrients (I let the water sit out for 2 days before using it). Should I be giving them less (the blueberry plant looks like the leaves may be drooping a bit)?

    I don't have a pH tester YET (working hard on that) so I don't know the pH of the water.

    I plan on flowering 2 of them in the next week and I know they won't produce as much because of their size but thats ok. I picked up the FoxFarm nutrients "Open Sesame" "Beastie Bloomz" and "Cha-Ching". I will be using Open Sesame the next time I water and every other watering until mid flowering. Any suggestions on this? What would I normally give them if I were to veg them longer in the future?

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  2. i test my ph with the cheap liquid/drop method. bought at fish store for a few bucks. worked for me for years
  3. litmus paper works fine for me and its like less then 1$ a roll
  4. High there, you shouldn't have to feed then with every watering :wave:

    I don't even feed them at all during veg, you shouldn't have to with foxfarm
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    Thanks for the info guys. I have some litmus paper in the house (I haven't used it because I thought it wasn't accurate enough). I'm still saving up for the Hanna Meter HI9813-0 pH/EC/TDS Hanna Meter HI9813-0 pH/EC/TDS since I'm a perfectionist. I definitely didn't plan on giving the plants nutes every watering. The foxfarm feeding schedule says every other watering so I wouldn't do more than that and less than they recomend. Since the ladies have just been transplanted, I may only give them a taste of the Open Sesame nute at first since there are a lot of nutes in the soil.

    I got a cheap digital thermometer with humidity so I don't know how accurate it is but its showing around 90 degrees F during the hottest parts of the day (and I think it may actually be that hot :( ). I am going to get a portable A.C. unit asap to help the issue. The humidity is showing at 20% to 30% which I think would be great for flowering but not veg? The more help, the merrier. I decided to water them today again without nutes (250mL per plant). I will upload new pictures and have updates in the next couple days (I'm trying to keep a good log of my first few grows to help myself and others).

    Anyone have any suggestions on my watering?
  6. Hey there,

    the 4-foot distance of the 1000-watt HID light seems a bit excessive to me -- I would actually try for something closer to 1.5-2ft away. Here is a guide on HID lighting to help you better understand how to get the most from your HID Light

    The Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil will provide all the nutrients that your plants need for 30 days... so you will not need to add any nutrients until that time... adding nutes before then is likely to cause burn. The Fox Farm Ocean Forest is also pH'd 6.3 - 6.8 which is PERFECT for marijuana -- since you don't have a pH tester this will give you a little help - as long as you use Distilled or r/o water - your pH will be fine (except that nutes will greatly lower your pH)

    Also, as a FFOF user - I can tell you that watering every-other day is a bit much. This soil (even with my 40% mix of perlite) will hold enough moisture for 3-4 days (when properly watered). When watering, simply continue to add water until you see run off, and then stop.

    I do feed with Fox Farm trio nutes (Grow Big, Big Bloom, and Tiger Bloom). These nutes do tend to run hot/strong, and should be started at 1/8 strength, and slowly build up to full strength (if your plants will tolerate the full strength). You should otherwise follow the Fox Farms recommended feeding schedule Click Here to Open PDF File for Feeding Schedule(will open download dialog box)
  7. Thanks for the help Chickadie. The reason I have the light so far away is because it is about 5 degrees hotter toward the light which would bring the plants up to 95 degrees in the warmer part of the day. As soon as I have an A.C. unit, I can get the light a foot away from the plants without worrying about them burning.

    So the foxfarm solubles are supplements to add to the liquids/concentrates? So, I can use all the nutes on the FF feeding schedule as long as I am easy on the amounts?

    Thanks again for everyone's input, I'm learning a lot!
  8. 1000W is a lot of light 1ft away from plants that young. Watch them and make sure radiant heat isn't hurting them, with a 1000W you really shouldn't need to get them 1ft away.
  9. No, I believe you can choose to use the soluables instead of the liquids ferts -- but i could be wrong.
  10. When I do move my light closer to the plants, I move it 1 inch a day and see how they react. I wouldn't want to do anything drastic to the plants if possible. I'll call Fox Farm to see what they say about using all the nutes or not.
  11. you can do the hand test -- if your hand gets too hot at a certain distance from the light -- then so will your plants.
  12. I have done the hand test actually and I found that I can easily hold my hand up to the glass in the hood all day with only a cramp (having a 720 cfm fan for the one light is amazing for temp control).

    I decided to try a light hanging system Light Hanger Grow Light Hanging System: Kitchen & Dining and it is horrible, I wouldn't recommend it at all. I have an XtraSun 8 inch reflector with a remote ballast and it doesn't hold the weight even though its rated up to 30 pounds. I think you would be lucky to get 15 pounds to hang on it. Anyway, tomorrow I will be going back to chains (at least I now have some good holes that I can use to hang the light which will make it more secure and easier to move in the end).

    Here are some pics of the girls 2 days after the last pics (I'm calling this day 8 for me). I included some closeups of the newer growth at the tops. Sorry about the image quality but all I have is a video camera to take pictures at the moment. Should I worry about the tips of some of the leaves yellowing a little?

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  13. They are looking good great color and nice node spacing.
  14. I have that same Hanna it works great, except I think my PH part is starting to get a little finicky might need a replacement wand soon sometime in the near future.
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    Ok, I got the chain re-hung so it is easy to move the light again. It's about 3 feet away now and moving a little closer each day. I found the hot tub test kit and tested the pH of the water I have been giving the plants. Between the drop test and the litmus paper, my pH is above 7 (I included a pic of the drop test, it was hard to see the litmus paper test in front of the camera).

    I guess its time to use my pH down solution, it just sucks that I watered the plants earlier today so they got the high pH water again. I gave the plants a liter of water which was enough for a little run-off.

    Would it be better to get a $200 pH meter or a $200 RO unit? I will get both but I need to get one before the other :(

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  16. $60-100 is more than enough for a good ph pen ;)

    I use the Oakton Ecotestr II
  17. RO Water is more important most likely. But you can easily buy that for under $1 / Gal. For me the convenience of having it at home is worth it. I spent like $160 on a GE 2 stage unit from home depot. If i did it again, I would look more into the Merlin line.
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    Well I switched over to 12/12 yesterday. I used some pH down to get my water much closer to the right pH so the plants got some of that yesterday. I have been watering every 3rd day with about 1 liter of water per plant which allows for a little run-off. The humidity in the room is between 20% and 30% so the soil does dry pretty quickly (I love the ocean forest mix so far, at least I think my plants do).

    Here are some pics of the girls from today (I love how the 2 Big Buddha Cheese plants look). I can't wait to watch them transform over the next couple months!

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  19. Well its day 12 of flowering and its been fun watching the transformation take place. I put a wood dowel in one of the pots to help the plant stand up. One thing I've noticed is that some of the bottom leaves are starting to look unhealthy (I included some pics of the leaves).

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  20. Old leaves will naturally die off during growth.

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