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  1. Planning stages:
    Closet grow space measuring 36"Lx1'5"Wx6'tall. I am planning on using a diy ebb and flow system for 8 plants. I am still debating on cfls or hps. I know it seems like a clear decision, but $ and heat issues are steering me toward the cfl's though I know my yield will be less.

    This is my first attempt. I have researched for about 3 weeks. One question I have is, does this seem like too many plants? Also, which nutrient solution have you guys/girls had best results with?
  2. If this is for personal use, I'd say 8 will produce a nice yield for one man...also it's smaller in size, so less attention to it...
  3. You're gonna need at LEAST a 600W HPS for an 8 plant system, if you want anything worthwhile. You'd have to use so many CFL's it's retarded!
  4. AS far as i understand it the HPS lights give you the most bang for buck. That is, more lumens per watt. They tend to be very potent, but lately there have been models that go as low as 100 even 75 watts.

    Im currently running 57 CFL´s for 2 plants. They output 3500 lumens which is barely enough these days. I wont go over the 75 watts limit using CFL´s cuz it would make more sense to get a 75 watt HPS that will output more light and cost me the same to operate.

    Heat is also an issue, you get practically none with fluoros and a lot with HID lamps, wether MH or HPS.

    Not only lumens to consider, also the spectrum. So, going 75 watt HPS and 75 watt CFL´s will give you less lummens than a 150 HPS, but you get to use up to 4 different bulbs to sweeten the spectrum vs only one very powerfull.

    HPS + 2700 + 6500 + 5000 vs HPS

    Some of the guys around here are pretty hardcore and consider anything under 250 watts system to be a waste of time, but decent grows can be obtained as long as you keep realistic expectations. Nutes are important and are cheaper that lights, master those before spending lots of money to get unadequate results compared to those seasoned growers that nute the hell out of the plant...

    Experiment until you get results you are happy with.

  5. thanks for the replies! Ok, so I stopped by my local hydro store and began browsing the different light setups they have running. I am no leaning more toward a light such as a 400 watt-600 watt interchagable MH/HPS sunlight supply with ducting vent capabilities.
    Also, what nutes have you had a lot of success with?

  6. Fluros give off more overall heat than HID watt for watt.

    OP - That space is awkward to light evenly. I would go with 2 - 250 watt HPS lights in order to spread light as evenly as possible.
  7. I may not be able to do that due to a small budget. It definitely makes sense though!
  8. If you can't do dual 250s the next best option imo would be a single 400 watt HPS.
  9. htg supply has a 400/mh/hps conversion light for 169..not top of line but for sure worth the coin..this 1 light would rock your grow space...might have to still side light with cfls or multi crop plants...nutes..start fofx farm trio as its the most common on here help..good luck:bongin::bongin:deacon

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