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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by sidious, Mar 23, 2003.

  1. well the new grow will start tonight,'m churning out some numbers as to the temp of my growroom with a new input fan i put in.....hopefully i won't need to fit the other one but it isn't looking good....temp with the door closed is 92-92 degrees....still too high.....i need to lower it some more tests and maybe another fan installed at the top of the room to extract and it will be all systems go!'m going to grow 4 Hawaiin Maui Waui, and 4 skunk red hair.......lets hope they're all female.......Peace out....Sid

    ps i usually grow with the door open while the lights are a temp of approx 80......however it is a pain in the ass having to be there every day to open the
  2. In my grow room which is 4x4 I have a collapsible ceiling and I have a fan on it sucking the air and heat out my light is monted about 6 inches below it keeps it nice and cool in the 70s anyway but im also growing in a basement so its cooler anyway
  3. what lights r u using and how bigs ur room sid?
  4. I do the same as you and just have the door open during the day.Let us know how the fans work out.
    Lots of luck with the new crop!.
  5. i'm using a 400w HPS and a 150w MH....combined for veg and then just the HPS for flowering......growroom size 3.3x3.6.......and height is not a problem....over 7'.....the light is on screwed rod through a steel bar that i can adjust as the plants gets bigger........Peace out....Sid
  6. can u get a pic of how light adjusts? might wanna try that sometime :)

    p.s- gl on the grow, but I know ya dont need luck :)
  7. i'll take pics tomorrow night as i left the camera at everyone needs goodluck in there life!....:) .......Peace out.....Sid
  8. that sounds like a nice setup.. wots the main reasoning behind the 150mh? is it to keep them stocky or to stop the hps only trait of making them take longer to flower.

    id also like to see how u hang ur lamps and how u setup the mh next to the hps.
  9. thx! :)

    Im hopin to grow maui waui too once I get some seeds for it, so this would be a good chance for me to learn all the 'extra' stuff for that strain n such. ill keep my head glue'd to this post ;P hehe
  10. Duhhh, I dont have access to any toolmaking machinery but I find that strong nylon string with knots in it works pretty well for height adjustment. Mind you, I do my bud trimming with knapped flints so what do I know ?.
  11. yea JIMBO, but sid's sounds alot better and long-lasting..rather try somthin metal :p
  12. i just use a lengh of flex wraped around 2 nails, big nails mind ya!

    its easy, cheap and when i move growrooms all i gotta do is bang some new nails in.

    its still intersting to see wot the compatiton is up2 tho and if it looks like an easyer way 2 raise a lamp than pissing about with loadsa knots then im all ears!
  13. well i took some pics.....there are 4 Maui's sprouted....and having trouble with the skunks......i think the seeds are bad!!.....also is the pics of my set-up......the MH is not in the shot as it's not needed sits on the floor on the RHS....and when the plant clears the rim of the pot then the MH hits the underside, and then the plants are rotated to get an equel amount.......i'll keep you's updated on how it goes......Peace out......Sid
  14. pic 1

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  15. pic 2

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  16. pic 3

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  17. kinda hazy.....

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  18. last one...

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  19. Sid what is this an ionizer or a heater?

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  20. nope.....a very slimline tower fan.....good for when they get taller......Peace out......Sid

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