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New grow!!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Guest, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. Hey gc! Just got my order from attitude! Just put my seeds in root riot cubes for germination, all feminized 5x barneys farm blue cheese, 1x postitronics critical #47, 1x postitronics purple haze #1
  2. Pics? When did you order? Cause I'm waiting on 2 orders at the moment
  3. I ordered on the 20th. Everytime I try to post a pic the app crashes. There just in cubes right now.

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  4. I guess the pic did post lol what did you order??
  5. Fer sure, I ordered on the 19th and on the 20th. Decided to get some more seeds hah but I got quite a few I guess for my first buy. I got advanced seeds biodiesel mass, 2 nirvana bubblelicious, DNA genetics 60 day wonder, nirvana northern lights auto, buddha seeds white dwarf, green label seeds automatic mary, green label silver haze, dutch passion polar lights, barneys farm pineapple express, and the royal dwarf. Then 2 free critical 47 and purple haze seeds from positronics seeds. Waiting for my order at the moment, but since you ordered 20th, hopefully i'll get it tomorrow.
  6. Oh nice, yeah I'm thinking bout placing another order now but I'm limited to 50$ including shipping ha ha thinking bout getting a single auto flower seed just to try it out ha ha
  7. I was thinkin the same lol
  8. What strain do you have in mind??
  9. I just ordered

    2x delicious seeds cotton candy

    1x iced grapefruit

    And got the free critical #47

    Cant wait to grow that cotton candy :D
  10. That's an awesome list!
  11. What is your final set up like?
  12. Got a 4x8x6 tent. 400w hps 400w mh. growing in soil ffof and using the humboldt nutrients, grow micro bloom and honey.
  13. Thanks man! Ive heard nothing but praise for Barney's blue cheese.
  14. Oh I know!! I want to grow barneys farm liberty haze but I chose the blue cheese last min lol I sat there for two hours trying to decide what to get.
  15. Same here. That liberty haze looks good too. Great ratings to go with also
  16. Hell ya!
  17. I wanna maximize my harvest... I've done lst before but it always seems to just get an ok yield. What suggestions do you guys have for growing blue cheese? Veg time? Topping, fiming lst?
  18. Defoliation?
  19. I did do that with my current grow, it made a huge difference. But I started flower in a 2x2 box and now upgraded to 4x8x6 they just look so small.... These next plants I want them to get huge! I wanna try to get a pound after harvest.
  20. Hmmm good luck bro

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