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    well im a noob and this is the first time im growing successfully. im growing 4 auto ak48 seeds each in different pots and two in the same pots. i have them all in a shelf which is open from one side and closed up in the other. i really though that my plants wont grow but because im so impatient i thought maybe i should check up on one of the plants.

    im so happy to see my likkle babies are growing! they have not broke out of the soil yet but im happy to see that the seed is turning green and can see a small leaf developing.

    im using for 2 plants Miracle Grow Potting Mix, and the other 2 Miracle Grow Potting Mix + Multi Purpose Compost.

    the issue im having is that the space im using to grow weed might not be efficient enough as it really does look like a shitty grow place that was built for less then $10.

    i just want to know is it really important to buy a grow tent or anything of that sort? the place im growing is covered so no light can escape and plus i have Mylar tape all over and using 1 100watt CFL and a soft white CFL.

    I don't mind buying a tent or stuff like that but as for most people i would rather stick to spending less then coughing up more to build something i wouldn't really require. im only growing 4 plants and i know 1-2 of them might die from mistakes etc.

    The pictures i uploaded will show you what i got. i know, it looks like something i made like in five minutes and the lights don't look safe inside the pot but i have tried to get it as close as a cupboard grow as i can by putting mylar everywhere on top, the sides and a few in the bottom. (money is an issue for now but willing to buy tent in a month time and other equipment if necessaries)

    so question : would my plants still grow in these conditions? (check my image) or would I require a better place to grow?

    please help a fellow stoner out!?

    This is what im using:

    2 Ak48 in Jiffy Pots+ MG potting Mix + Multipurpose Compost Premium
    2 Ak48 In MG Potting Mix
    1 100watt CFL 6400k and 1 equivalent soft white

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  2. 3 Hours in and my seed actually sprouted! its quite exciting when its your first time growing successfully (hopefully)

    would my grow place be good enough for it to continue?

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    Your grow space might work for a little bit. Find a way to hang that light above the plant if you can, its best if you have the bulb on it side too. Your gonna need to get your hands on some more cfls also. Rule of thumb is 100watts per plant, and thats actual watts. Im pretty sure you have a 23watt bulb right now.

    Hope this helps a little bit.
  4. :) yup, a little more light soon and get it mounted above....just as killarado said.

    Keep your seedling real close to the light to prevent stretch.

    Be extra careful with mounting the lights and stuff..get everything secure. I think the biggest seedling killer is things falling on them...second on the list is over watering.

    Alot of guys use a powerstrip + socket plugin thingies to mount their and easy.
  5. ^^ yea i found out the hard way about making sure the lights are The powerstrip idea is great, especially for side lighting.
  6. thanks for the replies!

    my plants are growing for the first time, i bought a lamp holder with a clipper so i can clip it together.

    the worst problem im having is with my soil. i guess Miracle grow is frowned upon in the growing community.
  7. I used miracle grow my first time around and made it all the way through. Just be careful not to over water. I know you said you want the plant to grow sideways which is a workable concept. The only thing is, you will still need light above till the plant is big enough to bend over the side of the pot. Then move your light and the plant should grow towards the light. Most of the stuff you will need can be purchased along the way. I would consider a fan of some sort. CFL's do get hot in a small space, so ventilation and air movement is a good thing to think about. Maybe rip the tape out and just hit it with a few cans of 99 cent flat white spray paint. If you want to keep the tape put it on the top so it can do something. It can't reflect much light to the plants if it is under the pots.
  8. great, i just bought some lamp holders so my cfl is on top of my plants plus using a 2400k cfl to add more light. ive changed my soil already to johns inns compost mixed with 20% perlite. i think i may have damaged my plant while transferring as my plants been looking the same for 2 days now and no growth yet but im gunna wait a little longer see how it goes.
  9. It prob will slow for a couple days or so. If you didn't break any roots you should be ok.

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