New grow unknown bagseed day he/she ok.....

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Tjmoe, Jul 5, 2019.

  1. Lights at 24inches.......maybe 2 cups of water every 3 days someone told me I should water the next time with run off and it should explode with growth
  2. Doesn't look sick to me. It 'looks' like it has an iron deficiency, very yellow at new growth at bases of new leaves, but that is what healthy new growth looks like when the picture is taken under blurple lights if you know what I mean? Is there a reason you think it's not doing well?
  3. Just seems like its growing pretty slow ..there must be a reason it's so small at 13 days..maybe just genetics I guess..looks green but something is slowing it down
    These pics were taken 3/26 and 4/8 so about the same growth time
    I was thinking watering too often? Is the soil pretty dry when you water? 15981.jpeg 20190408_213644.jpg

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  4. Just due to the fact that it is so small.....I think ilI' wait about 4-5 days to give the soil time to dry about 2-3 inches down then I'm gonna water with run off for the first time
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  5. Compared to day 13 day 16 looks better but I still don't know if this is male or female unknown 16 how does he/she look thanks in advance top pic is day 13 bottom pic is day 16 IMG_20190705_104708.jpg IMG_20190708_165402.jpg
  6. You wont know for at least a month

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  7. IMG_20190714_152849.jpg IMG_20190714_152839.jpg day 22 sex unknown bagseed..... I think I might have a slight nutes burn....but idk

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