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  1. Okay okay blades and bladettes
    100% new to growin
    Atleast right from seed
    Decided I'd do a little grow journal for the first time
    I've changed my seeds many times
    I stayed with 2 auto red poisons and 1 hypnotic

    Planted June 2nd at midnight
    Checked them for the first time today
    And they're doing I guess pretty good some the weather hasn't been great-it's been sunny but a little gloomy and quite nippey overnight

    Pictures are below and in order -hypnotic,red poison1(in pot), red poison2(in ground)

    Red poison #1
    Red poison #2

    A few questions

    First off , nutes, I have a small hydroponic store not far from me, so I assume they'll have a variety
    Anyone got any insight in what the best nutes are?

    Secondly, just any general help tips and pointers would help a whole hell of a lot
  2. What kind of soil or dirt you have them in. There are a lot of good nutrients on the market like Advanced Nutrients, Fox Farms General Hydroponics. I would probably recommend the Fox Farms Trio its easy to use for beginners and is reasonably priced, AN is also easy to use and usualy comes in a 2 part base nute and works well. Then there are some organic nutes that might work well even if you didn't amend your soil. For outdoors I like Age Old its reasonably priced and has a good NPK base number. One thing most nutes lack is calcium and magnesium which can be supplemented with some dolomite limestone that you can get at Lowes or Home Depot. Just don't get the fast acting dolomite limestone.
  3. Okay okay, I was looking at the fox farm trio
    But my store hasn't seen them come in yet
    I was also lookin at some "flora grow" nutrients
    There was a three pack of grow bloom and micro nutrients but Idk again if my store has them,
    I've got about two weeks atleast before nutes will be needed since they just sprouted

    There in premier pro mix garden soil
    Just an 85L bag I found pretty cheap so I used it
    It does have a slow mix nutrient release so seems to be good enough
    Obviously not the best tho
  4. Saturday was day seven
    The red poison are at about an inch while the hypnotic just hit two
    No pictures this time
    But they're doing pretty well for the whether we've had here
  5. Today was day 19, red poison 2 is dead,deer trampled it cause its outside my cut off

    The other red poison is about 3" and starting its fourth set of leaves
    The hypnotic is starting its fifth set and reaching around 4-5"
  6. Day 23 I added about two inches of soil to the red poison and the hypnotic to fill the pot up a little more
    Red poison is around 2 inches above the new soil
    Moving its way along just fine
    And the hypnotic is just shootin up like nobody's business with about 6-8 sets of leaves and now being stressed as of today(day 25)
  7. Day 30 they are developing quite well
    I think the peat pots disrupted them for a while
    Any info on that? Roots are supposed to grow thru it, and they're supposed to degrade over short period of time
    Doesn't seem to be happening
    None the less the hypnotic is running its world bushing out and about 10 inches give or take
    And the red poison that's left is about 8 inches and a lanky bastard
  8. Day 42 the red poison is showing an abundance of bud sites compared to the last I saw her, and some are slowly developing
    Already showing white hairs and few startin to amber
    The hypnotic has jumped too about 2 feet give or take
    And still growing rapidly
    The nutes being used are sensi grow two part and when flowering the sensi bloom two part with big bud additives

    Still skeptical about the peat pots - but the roots are growing through much better now after being extremely restricted for the first couple weeks
  9. My phone geo tags them
    So I'm not gonna post until closer to harvest
    But there at about 63 days
    The red poison has some nice sticky crystally purple buds
    And the hypnotic just popped out another 16 budsites over the last three days
    I will post a few pictures in a couple days once I get a chance to
    Bin pretty busy so haven't bothered with posts
    But they're Comin along
    Currently 6 of them in the spot
    Had to rip two males
  10. 5 of them in the spot
    Had to rip another one yesterday because one of the first ones I ripped pollinated its sorry ass
    Regardless back to where I started with the hypnotic and the red poison
  11. You should be able to turn geo tagging off.
  12. I'm unaware of how to do so
  13. That red poison tho

    The hypnotic
    There uh, 68/69 days old now
    Hypnotic is just going into flower
    Started its bloom nutes today
    Red poison started flush today

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  14. That one in the first pic has some nice purple to it.
  15. Yeah that's the red poison
    They all got abducted last night
    Rigt after posting pictures
    Gotta love those shifty bastards with private helicopters (y) they left two clones and took the rest
    Goofy bastards
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    How many plants did you have and how many did they take? Most likely a couple of kids, people with private helicopters or planes probably aint gonna waste their time for just a couple of plants. We live right in the middle of a residential area and have been growing out back for 4 years now and never had a problem with rippers. The best deterrent is one big mean dog which we got.
  17. Unfortunately because its not on my own property rippers come easy
    And it's on basically a random private property
    Where the smell protrudes nothing because of a chocolate/maple factory right beside the spot
    There were 10 in total, only two were mine personally
    But they left two
    And the had to re pot 2 of the biggest ones after digging them up
  18. I think it was private just cause I saw t go over many a times every time I went out

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