New grow T5 ,Bubba kush, kushberry ,few others.

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  1. Hey everyone im doing a grow on t5's start to finish.
    4x4 grow tent
    6 inch inline fan with soon to get phresh filter .
    Lighthing is 2 x 4feet t5 4bulb fixtures 54w x 8.

    Nutes :
    Alaska Fish fert- Veg
    bat guano - flower
    i also have the technaflora kit bc produtc line ( trying to not use this use more like the supplements and stuff )
    also i mix into transplanting a few times the Plant success the mycor product.
    Trying to go more organic but also experimenting with non organic.

    Strains :
    1 bubba kush
    1 kushberry
    1 northern lights blue
    1 g13 raw diesel
    1 purple maroc
    1 bagseed dont know - this plant is in week 5 of flower

    Ok guys tell me what you think sorry for the pics they were topped and supercroped a few times 3 gal pots
    5 plants in week 1
    1 plant in week 5

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  2. I'm going to start my grow soon and will also be using those fixtures. 4ft x 4 bulb t5 54w. I will only be using one fixture with 3 plants but its nice to see what im gonna be working with in action. Looks good with nice plethora of strains.
  3. thanks lemonade t5 are great for growing and there cheap and light and good on the bill and on the temps .
    i was going to buy led light and chose these instead .
    for 3 plants its great if you can train them good and get lots of head i think its the way to go with t5's.
  4. Nice plants. You should take some individual pics.
  5. I had a grow with 2x4 feet 4 tube t5 system from clone/seed to finish, they do work really great. the heat was never a problem, the little heat it did produce kept my grow room a a great temp right between 72-78 degrees.

  6. Definitely gonna LST.
  7. Thanks for the info nino , im gonna take sum more pics tonight . But im really hPpy with the lights ,cant wait till harvest
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    just a little update on the girls

    Theres six girls

    in the back left to right

    Purple maroc g13 Raw Diesel Northern lights Blue

    in the front

    Bubba Kush Bag Seed Kushberyy

    All the girls except the bag seed are in week 2 of flower
    things seem to be going good at the moment the bag seed is in week6

    Really liking the purple maroc thats everywhere i looked everyone seemed no to suggest it indoors its a 7 week strain its a must that i grow this indoors so far its the nices plant hasnt streched much as the bubba kush . THe kushberry is a sloww grower not expecting much from her . Took some clones and there in like week 2 of veg doing great took a few gave a few away ended up with 6 for me .

    So guys tell what me what you think . ohh there were growen until tonight in t5 6500k bulbs , i just bought and installed the bloom 3000k so lets if it gives the bag seed a extra swell . so far cant complain the bag seed was just veg for like 3 weeks

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  9. Thanks for the t5 info guys. Been trying to decide whether or not to buy one to cut down on heat in my veg. room in summer. Think now I am going to try one out.
  10. yeah todder def way to go trhey get dense look up in y6outube a kid from colodardo kbgrower420 i think he used to grow a lot on t5 look at his videos he made make my desicion i would like tyo add like 2 more racks on the sides of lights i think that would make it yield more
  11. Ive got a grow going on t-5 . I'll keep an eye on your grow for suggestions.
  12. Nice man! Those bulbs ought to do the trick! Looking great!
  13. thanks steve
  14. it's always a great feeling to see your ladies flowering!!

    can't wait to see this crop finish out.
  15. hey nino im so excited really didnt think i could pull this off so far so good everything going good atm. Everything in there smells so souryy deliciouss really i love all these dank smells in the tent lol i tought the bag seed was going to be kinda skinny buds but its still swelling , just another 2 weeks for that one so we will see.

    heres a few crappy pics i took today day 20ish lol

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  16. They look great man. Def. gonna have to try a t5 setup. Will help me keep the tempsdown in summer.
  17. yeah todderfan i was like hesitant because everyone was saying that bud would not be dense and so far there growing the bagseed is about as thick as precription pill bottle and i squeeze it and its decently hard .

    i went with t5 for the temp i have a 6 inch inline fan i havent even had to use, im going to use that for the smell .

    ill keeep you guys posted on the grow progress
  18. just a little update guys .

    the ladies are really starting cristal production to the max i mean there all look like there gonna have tons of cristalss week 3 ill try and get sone decent pics up maibe tomorrow night its smells lovelyyyy
  19. day 26 flower just a few shots of the girls the close up one is the blueberry kush and the other plant is the diesel and a full shot of the grow Tonsss of trichs on all my plants they all look like there gonna be super frosty .

    tell me what yall think so far??

    ill put up more pics if i see theres people still interested in the grow .

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  20. Looks great what brand is the fixture ? How much our the bulbs and what kind?

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