New Grow, swamp edge

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by smokelikeSNOOP, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. using 35 percent MG, 35 percent peat, 10 percent native, compost/monure for rest. Planting directly in ground. the Bottom of 2.5 foot holes collect water? do you think this poses a problem. (plot is on outskirts of a swamp). very good direct sunlight with shade in later hours. My biggest question is do you think if water is collecting at the bottom of holes in ground i have an issue? more peat towards the bottom of the hole or what? coco coir ive heard of, but couldnt find any. suggestions questions comments, ill take anything.

    thanks grass city :wave:
  2. Bump, I have the same exact situation and I am wondering if planting the lower quarter of 10 gallon pots below the waterline will be beneficial and self water itself?
  3. if there is standing water, seeping into where your roots are going to be sitting, then it will drown your plant.

    get to higher ground.

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