New grow setup help!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by blowin, Jan 12, 2010.

  1. my set up is about 5x5 enclosed with some drywall white painted walls.i have a oscillating fan and an air purifier. two long fluo tubes and a bunch of cfls.
    help me out. should i remove a wall during light on or off for air circullation???
    I have started this after sep. 09, blackgold soil some perlite, MG peat moss,
    all are 4 medicinal purpose, 2 tall ladies were bought like that now they have probably grown 4 in. other 6 clones were 4in. tall now are about 7in.
    i am on low budget so dont have the funds to buy an 600wt hps system yet and have not been able to get the fedding liquids for their veg. stage.

    So I have been using organic materials from the kitchen such as fruits and veggies blended up and mixed into the water which goes into their feedings, dont do that alot but i water these girls every 2 or three days. i am now in the process of making own worm castings with some soil from the start mixed with some twigs,leaves,threeleaf clover type grass? and the outside backyard wigglers.
    this is my first time in the grow, the internet is like my best frined right now because the books that they sell in the clubs i have been iffy about buying them jus because it is too much for a book and the internet probably has those same answers if not better.
    but ANy tips advice would really be appreciated....

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