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  1. Hi, sorry but I cant find my older threads. Oh well. I started with a growbox late november, but I only had reg seeds and after a load of f*ing about I have had to chuck out most plants due to being male.

    The two females that remain are doing ok but they need re-potting asap and I cant get the soil for another 5 days. Once I get the soil my feminized ak48 should arrive and I have a load more reg seeds to try.

    These are some sort of Skunk X apparently, but one seems to be really stretching. It also had some burn on a few sun leaves which I removed (dont know if removing the leaves was good or bad but the plants are ok)

    The 2 I have remaining are 2 of the little ones in the 1st pic dated Dec 9th. The big plant in the pic ended up being male! So I only vegged the 2 fems for about 3 weeks max and they have been flowering for a week under a 600hps. I also hunup the other lights from the growbox but they need improving. I am nearly finished with a room next door to this which will be my veggy room. I have insulated and finished the rooms in a smooth chipboard and then painted everywhere in white gloss.

    The room stays 27c lights on and 22c lights off. I have an 18w extractor which seems to be quite powerful and a large fan. I plan for some more flowering lights in this room and some MH in the veg room. These rooms will be full soon hopefully :)

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  2. Forgot to say the other pics were 2 days ago (inc this one) and the first pic on 9th dec, so the 2 fems are a total of approx a month old now. Even tough I only ended up with 2, I am quite chuffed and I hope to get a decent amount. I will update with more pics.

    Any tips for the room are welcome :)


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  3. I think you would do really good with some LSTing. Otherwise they look beautiful!:)
  4. Thanks, Is it too late for LSTing or can I start now?

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